Kelly Lovers: Describe your dream bag.....

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  1. Please describe your favorite kelly bag....both practical and "dream" choices!
  2. Great thread:idea:idea!!:tup:This. One of the first pics that I saw on tPF. Vert Jasmine Croc Kelly. My love:love:

  3. I have 5 kelly's and love each one for a different reason one of them is a black croc with gold hardware it is a sellier 32 I am now wanting a shade of brown croc 35 retourne and my collection of kelly's will be complete (ha ha) never complete
  4. Oh my goodness...that is absolutely GORGEOUS!
    Anything in croc....Kelly or Birkin :smile:

  5. Sharp sellier 32cm black box with phw or rhw or bhw.

    And a braise or rouge h nilo croc 28 cm w phw.

  6. For me it would have to be ciel matte croc with gold hardware 35cm sellier it would be divine and perfect love the thread it is perfect .
  7. the kelly doll in any colour! :heart: I will also need a pedestal to put it on.
  8. Dream Kelly: 32 Sellier BBK that won't scratch! :biggrin:
  9. dream: 32 kelly sellier in lizard

    practical: 35 kelly retourne in a dark-ish neutral colour (marron glace maybe?) in a non-scratch leather - epsom maybe

    great thread - a girl can dream!
  10. I am dreaming of a Kelly retourne in potiron:heart:.
  11. Vintage rouge h box retourne 35 gh like Catherine Deneuve's (picture credit: BrandMall SuperCollection Vol.26)


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  12. 35 chevre de Coromandel in cyclamen
  13. Wow!! She looks fantastic!!:ps:
  14. All my Hermes bags are dream bags, but I would say as a daily driver, used very carefully as she is immaculate, then it would be my marron Sellier vintage Kelly with gold hardware.

    Dream.....Croc in Rouge H with gold hardware, preferably vintage in top condition.
  15. Dream Kelly : 28cm Black Porosus Shiny Kelly G/H

    Practical Kelly : 32cm Gold Togo Kelly P/H (just scored last week)