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  1. All this talk about Kelly bags around here (Gig's post about the craftsman and process) has made me want to, perhaps, concentrate on getting one of these first, maybe even before the Birkin. In trying to convince Noriko that this can be a fun, youthful, casually-chic bag, I think I went and convinced myself!!

    Yes, I want a Birkin. But I think I might shoot for a fabulous Kelly 32 in Chevre first. I dunno, I have this vision of this bag being quite practical and carefree/fun when worn with the straps undone and just the little lock fastened. Also, there's the added bonus of the shoulder strap (I like it worn crosswise like a messenger bag) when I'm toting around my kiddos.

    I think I need to relax about the Birkin and let one find ME, instead of the other way around. I think, right now, the Kelly might be more attainable and I love the tradition of it.

    Sooo, Kelly owners (or fans), chime in here please if you'd like....
  2. Well said, and a great option. I've got a new appreciation for a Kelly and the hands-free option. And as a Mom this Kelly is a necessity for you.;) You have my blessing :lol::biggrin::lol::biggrin::nuts:
  3. Oh thank-you Greentea for acknowledging the big elephant in the middle of the room- so to speak. I am having the same mental struggle. I love the Birkin but it is so much higher in price and why? For another handle? (This is the argument going through my head) The Kelly has so much going for it- classy- same leather, shape. Easier to find.
    I think that it's time to remove the pressure of finding a birkin and enjoy a Kelly first.:P
  4. I think the kelly might be easier to acquire....I'm working with both bags and truly am enjoying both for different reasons. I do like that the kelly is closed and seems more ladylike; the birkin has the "tote" feel to me (which is NOT a problem mind you!) - I don't really have much to offer but I do think the kelly is a great bag and I love the colors! For me, I'm glad I didn't get black....

    Take a look at some pics of people carrying the bags (some of the e-bay listings have a lot of photos of people carrying them) and see what you think....I do think you would be happy - and knowing you'll eventually get the birkin will feel good too...;)
  5. Greentea...I too have three kiddos under the age of 6...having little ones with a short handles tote like a Birkin can be tough at times.

    I am a big fan of the Kelly from way way back. I love it! You will love it. It will win your heart over quickly. Plus, that strap is very handy to cross over your body and you will look lovely. ONE HOT MAMMA!

    I think you should find the Kelly of your dreams and enjoy it. Take time to really use it and slowly search for your Birkin. You are right in thinking...let your Birkin find you! It will. Who knows...maybe by purchasing the Kelly the Birkin may be a bit easier to find!

    I am excited for you!!!!
  6. I quite agree, I think that the Kelly is THE Hermes bag, so while you wait for a Birkin to FIND YOU :lol: I would get a Kelly, especially since you wanted a 30 Birkin ( if I don't remember wrongly) so a Kelly 32 would hold your things nicely. I bought 2 Kellys before moving on to the Birkin, now I use them much less than the B, but that's because I find them a bit small (they're both 32) and I'm always carting around a lot of stuff... ;)
  7. I agree the short handles of the birkin could be an issue with small children! In the past 4-5 years I've definitely come to the conclusion that I don't like shoulder bags anymore for me -- I did use a LV backpack purse when the kids were small....I think the kelly would be perfect! Now back to smelling the yummy leather:love: (can you tell I'm working alone today??!!)
  8. I LOVE MY KELLY! :love::love::love:

    I first fell in love with the style of the Kelly and talking with my friend about the Birkin and seeing more and more pictures of it, I started to like the Birkin more and thought that I would get that as my first Hermes bag.

    Wrong ;) Next thing you know, it was love again at first sight when I saw my fuschia Kelly :love:. It's ladylike but the shoulder straps also look cool just hanging on the bag... looks modern Also, the fuschia makes the bag more fun and exciting.

    Regarding price, here at least, there isn't much price difference between the rigid Kelly and the Birkin. The Birkin is only a few hundred dollars more. If you talk about the souple, yeah, that's cheaper.

    I'm so glad I bought the Kelly instead of searching for the Birkin as my first bag. I think I would have been frustrated what if a Birkin comes up and it's not exactly the color I want. Then I have to search again.

    Mind you though that I think I was just lucky that I saw the Kelly which was meant to be mine. It's such a cool bag and did I say I LOVE IT?! :love::love::love: I also get so many compliments from it.

    My next purchase will be the Birkin, but for the 3rd one, I'm still debating whether to get another Kelly or a Birkin.:wacko::weird:
  9. Regarding price, here at least, there isn't much price difference between the rigid Kelly and the Birkin. The Birkin is only a few hundred dollars more. If you talk about the souple, yeah, that's cheaper

    I forgot to clarify that I have been shopping the reseller's market. I live too far from the boutiques to get there easily. Resellers seem to mark-up the Birkins much higher than the Kellys.
  10. Greentea, I love my 32cm Kellys very much! :love: :love: :love:

    I like my Birkins too, but there's something very *magical* about Kellys that I can't explain...:shame:
  11. Gigi - may I ask what bags you have?

    There's a bleu roi ostrich kelly on e-bay that I'm drooling over but I think I would be handed divorce papers!!
  12. Hi Shoes, I listed my bags at this post:

    I've also posted pics of most my bags in other threads. Just click on my ID & select "Find More Posts" if you'd like :smile:

    Oh...I know that bleu roi ostrich Kelly that you're talking about. It's a beauty! :love:
  13. Thanks for the link! Nice collection - how long have you been collecting? How do you find the difference in birkin sizes? Which bag(s) do you prefer most? (sorry if I should have just pm'd you!)
  14. Gigi, want to sell me your Potiron Kelly? Just kidding - I know it's your LOVE!

    Thanks for the thoughts! The Kelly is great because it's versatile. I'd pick souple for this purpose, the only rigide Kelly I'm after is a more formal, dainty box 28 for evening and more conservative outfits.
    If I chose a bright like Rouge Vif or Potiron, it could go with dresses to weddings or showers, any of my daily jeans/tee/flats outfits and suits/pantsuits or nicer outfits.
    I also think it would be a great bag to bring on a trip, ie. - a juant to Europe where you want to look fashionable but still have a practical bag to tote around.
  15. I'd like to get a Kelly -- am not really looking for a Birkin right now.