Kelly longue vs Maharani?? Pics??

  1. Oh, help!!!!!

    I am really in a little bit of a pickle.
    I would love a clutch, and would like to choose between these two. Looks like I may have that chance sooner than I expected.

    I have tried the Kelly Longue, which i adore. But not the maharani. Does anyone have both? Or modeling pics of either that I could compare? CYN???? Trama turgo?

    Do any of you darlings have a preference for one over the other? I have heard the maharani is tiny inside....but....

    I am so :heart::heart: with the maharani, and already own a kelly 32, so thought this would be the one...but now that I think more on it....does it hold enough?

    And please, does anyone have the current price of the Kelly Longue? In box?
    I completely forgot to write it down.

    I am dizzy over this...

    thank you!!!
  2. CB - I'd like to see comparison pics, too!

    Personally, I LOVED the KL until I tried one - it was toooooo looooongue!!!!! LOL!

    I LOVE the Maharani clutch - so much lovely detail on the front!
  3. I want a Jige in rose shocking so badly I can't see straight! :smile: So I may not be much help on this dilemma...
    Baggaholic told me the Kelly wallet can also be used as a clutch if the longue is too much for you.
  4. Actually, I felt OK with the KL. Plus, it was rouge h box, so it was completely hypnotizing, which is why I forgot the price.

    this is really hard.
  5. Oh I WANT a Kelly Longue!! I actually settled for the Maharani if I'm being honest.
    The KL is also fairly tiny inside, however I think it would hold a similar amount of stuff to the Maharani. I don't have pics of a KL, but later this evening I'll stick some stuff into my Maha and take a picture or three for ya.
    I don't know the price for the KL in box because I haven't SEEN one (to my great frustration) but I believe the KL in swift is about $3500-3700
  6. ^^wow, interesting cyn...I just love the detail on the maharani, but in the end, I am really afraid it wouldnt get out much.....

    thank you for the offer of pics, that would be fantastic!
  7. I'd like to get my hands on a KL. Saw a pochette for the first time this weekend. That is one tiny bag. SA looked for a Kelly Elan in the back but to no avail. *sigh* Wish I could help.

    Wouldn't it be great if we could lay out all the clutches in a group comparison photo? Maybe our dear IceChick could do something like that??
  8. I like the Maharani but adore the KL. I tried a KL in BJ swift, it was so easy to tuck under my arm. It is very flat though. Hard to go wrong with rouge H box!!
  9. ^^I dont think I can get that rouge h one now, but it is the one haunting me, IYKWIM!

    ooohhh 5001 posts. wow.
  10. I have a KL in Toundra Box and I love it. It is longer and deeper than the Maharani. So I can actually drop in my Azap Long (no need to use a smaller wallet).
  11. I put my Azap long, Blackberry Pearl and lipstick in my KL with no problem.
  12. oooh, I've been wanting an H clutch too. Just to have. Seton recently suggested a large size Kelly Wallet that Im considering. I think the Longue is like a longer/slimmer KP and the Kelly Wallet is a longer/slimmer Elan. yeah?

    But seems like you could probably get more use out of the KL than the KW. Anybody w/ an Elan or KW w/pics?
  13. Just got a lovely Jige Elan in Rouge Garance and it's really a beautiful clutch. Fits perfectly under the arm, it's not too long and has enough room inside for a compact Bern, cell phone, keys, some makeup......just enough for the essentials. I really like the shape to as it seems to make the bag a little less casual.....KWIM?
  14. It's really just personal preference. I can totally appreciate the M clutch but prefer a KL for myself. My poor SA has been trying to get me one for the past year. Still no luck.
  15. They are both gorgeous in their own right! I love the unique streamlined gorgeous look of the Maharani- it is a work of art!

    But then, when you see a Kelly Longe, something just makes every outfit look like you jut walked off the pages of Vogue. Honestly, I don't think you can go wrong either way!