Kelly longue..Help please

  1. Okay, I need you guys' help, again....please... I got Kelly Longue from my regular Hermes store today. it is 35cm and $4725 before tax. It looks like picture below (picture is from e bay for visual help.) and mine is black in swift leather. What is your opinion? It is beautiful, but the back of my mind is saying that if I am going to spend that big $$$ anyway, I can get one real regular Kelly with a couple of thousands dollars more. BUT it is a limited edition, and special runway model Kelly AND it is beautiful. Should I keep it or exchange with regular Kelly with more extra. Which one is a smarter(?) choice? Maybe even exchaneg with Constance bag? Am I going to regret letting a special one go later if I exchange it? My SA thinks it is very special one to buy. Any advice, please...! I always have dilema!!!:sad:

    (picture from e bay for visual help)
  2. Hey, I think that's the bag I tried on in NYC. I, personally, wasn't in love with the bag, so I passed. I prefer the classic designs because I do intend to keep these bags for a lifetime and don't want to look dated in, say, 20 years. However, the decision is ultimately YOURS. Do YOU love it?
  3. definately keep her. it is sooo fab and such n elegant evening bag (better than the kelly jpg clutch) and don´t compare prices as they both serve a total different purpose.
    ah i can also picure tzhe longue paired with a black pantsuit during the day very "dynasty" chic but in the best way
  4. Aspen, my feeling is when you really aren't certain and have second thoughts it isn't for matter what anyone tells you. You have to feel you love it and that you will use it. Will it work for you? Don't buy it because it is a LE. Buy it because you really love it.
  5. It is a very striking bag, but it is flat and long... will you be able to use it,? carry the things you need in it?, as a collectors piece it is very interesting, as a usable bag? ...I would have to try one out, that part I do not know. Most important is that YOU love it like Kellybag said.
  6. Aspen, I totally agree. You must love, love, love this bag. If not, then send it back to Hermes. Will they give you a store credit, or was it sent 'on approval' ?

    Let us know your decision ! It is a gorgeous color !
  7. As usual, excellent advise. Follow your heart Aspen!!!
  8. Aspen, I think you should only keep it if you truly love it, don't buy it simply because it's a limited edition. Now if you're buying it for collection purposes and not necessarily for usage, then that's a different story. Either way, it sounds like a gorgeous purse.

    ETA: Actually, how many more days do you have before your deadline is up? If you still have a couple more days, maybe you should sleep on it and see how you feel about it when the excitement has worn off.
  9. Only keep it if you LOVE it and will use it for a very long time....I can actually see this bag with diamond hw though!!!! In lizard or alligator!!!! .....dreamy......

    do you have a Kelly yet?
  10. Yes... I have two Kellys... The thing with any Kelly clutches, it does not hold much. I also feel really bad that my SA tried very hard to get me one, and now I am not sure about keeping know what I mean...feeling little guilty...
  11. DO NOT BUY TO PLEASE THE SA! you have to carry it you have to pay for it.

    i love it but if that applies to you well it is your decision.but it is a collectors item
  12. I agree with Lilach, don't do it to please the SA. If you buy it out of guilt, you'll regret it afterwards. This is a lot of money to spend so don't do it unless you're absolutely sure you want it. I'm sure your SA will understand. If the bag is not "talking" to you, don't get it.
  13. An Hermes bag has to "strike" like an arrow to the heart, IMO. If that happens, then it's really yours....if you have any doubts whatsoever then I'd pass and save that money for something you simply can't live without.

    And don't forget....the SA is doing what they get paid to do....look for glorious bags and accessories for their customers!!!!
  14. JMO but if I'm ever unsure about a purchase it usually means I should get something else instead cause I'm not totally in love with it. But the Kelly longue is gorgeous! If you love it, I'd keep it. :shame:
  15. If you are not in love with the bag then you should not keep it. Hermes bags are pricey. IMO you should only buy what you absolutely love.