Kelly longe clutch?

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  1. I had seen this discussed in the "clutch bag" thread, as well as seen a photograph of, i think, Jennifer Lopez with one, as well as the runway photo in black matte croc, but I hadnt seen one IRL until recently. I know that one of you guys just got one in dark grey swift, with silver hardware, which looks great. Any opinions on this bag? Is it strictly evening/go out to dinner, or does anybody see this as a daytime bag? Anybody who has one, is it convenient/easy to carry? Do you find it too long or just right.
  2. I think it's a great bag, but don't own one because the proportions are wrong for my short self. If it were less longue, I would probably get one. It has a thin profile, so doesn't hold that much. In regards to wearing clutches during the day, I say go for it! Clutches should not be relegated to the evening. I think they look great with a pair of skinny pants and a nice blouse. This looks is very edgy and modern right now.
  3. This is what I love--I think it looks modern but not in your face. I don't think it looks as long as it is. The pochette is too small for me.
  4. Jedi - hopefully Eliselady will see this, she has a longue and works it beautifully as a day clutch.
  5. Hello! Yes I have a havanne longue in swift with gold hardware - I dont really buy black bags and tend to wear brown or red to formal events. I really love it. Yes it is thin so you are limited to what you can take out but I find that liberating! When I am sans enfants I use it just like HG says, with, jeans dresses - anything!

    let me see if I can find my pic....
  6. ^^ OOoooooH, I am so looking forward to a picture of your Havanne Swift Kelly Longue, eliselady!
  7. It wasnt a sale bag though! I went to the sale to try and save some pennies and didnt get a thing, then walked down to the Bond St store and there she was. Ironically I had turned her down a few days previously because I was broke, but then you seem them in real life and, well, you know......
  8. Oh, eliselady, that is lovely. Any in action photos??
  9. Somehow that link didn't work. It keeps bringing me to the Index page.

    I've pasted your pic here, eliselady after searching for your thread.

  10. Thanks asa. Havent got any action photos yet, and am on holidays at the moment and bag is at home!

    Thanks for correcting the pic MrsS. I am still learning.....!

    I really love this bag, the colour, the leather and the style. I also like that although the fastening is distinctive the style is def. under the radar. You get admiring glances from those who know, but after that it seems a bit of a mystery to people.
  11. Oh! I think I have a Kelly Longue in action, asa.

    Wait a minute.
  12. I can't find the picture that I have in mind.

    These are some pictures from the runway last year.
    2 tone Kelly Elongue.jpg Kelly Longue Box Calf Cognac.jpg Kelly Longue feather print.jpg Kelly Longue Print.jpg
  13. Ack - it's that very first pic that started me on a long longue quest for a combo clutch :tup:
  14. I hope someone here can re-post the picture of a H customer or VIP or celebrity (I actually don't know who she is) holding on to her Kelly Longue with the straps undone. The picture looked like it was captured at a H runway show. Does anyone know which pic I am describing?