Kelly Long Wallet- nearly as hard to get as the bag?

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  1. Hello everyone!

    I'm new to the Hermes forum :smile:
    Recently, I stumbled across a thread that had a picture of the Kelly long wallet and immediately fell in love!
    I did a bit of searching and got the impression that they're in high demand? How hard is it to get one of these? Would they sell them to newbies?
    I visit NYC a few times a year, do you think they would have a few choices in stock?

    Thanks in advance!
  2. There was one in Rouge Casaque last Friday in Madison Ave store. It's hard to get but way easier than birkin and Kelly bags. Constance wallet is the wallet that are really hard to come across. I saw Kelly wallets in airport stores a few times.

    You just need to persevere and maybe call your SA a few days earlier before you go to NYC. Your SA might be able to find one Kelly wallet for you. But if you insist on buying certain colors, then it would be very hard.

    Based on my experience, Hermes shopping requires us to cave in for what's acceptable but not stuck with what we really plan to get.
  3. Thank you for your reply!

    So there's no barriers to entry for wallets right? As in, I wouldn't need to get on their good list to be able to ask for them? I don't really have a color in mind but I would rather not exotic or smooth leathers.
  4. They appear of weekly. You just need to be lucky and you will find one.

    Good luck.
  5. Thank you! I will check the site often :biggrin:
  6. No. You don't have to purchase other stuff just so to be offered one. Just secure an SA and call him/her before you leave for NYC. Kelly long wallets non exotic usually come in Epsom. Sometimes in Chèvre. I have never seen one in Clemence or Togo. There are experts who know much more than I do here. Please weigh in!
  7. ^I think most H stores won't give inventory of leather goods over the phone, so unless you have a relationship with an SA already, I don't know if calling ahead would do any good. At least the H stores in NY operate this way to the best of my knowledge. I've asked at Madison before since my DH is searching for a Barenia wallet, and we don't live in NY.
  8. Check with Cuffs in Chagrin Falls, Ohio. They will talk to you on the phone about what they have.
  9. There were Kelly wallets in four or five different colours on the EU last week...they turn up every now and again
  10. Definitely easier to find than the bag, get it from or just check the stores often. Hth

  11. You are right. They will not give out inv info via phone. But it helps to tell her/him that you want a Kelly wallet in calfskin and you will come to the store in # days. They will help you to get it.
  12. i was looking for a dogon rectoverso a few weeks and the Wall Street checked their inventory over the phone for me.

  13. Oh in general the Wall St store is so much more customer-service oriented. I've had great experiences there with Linda and Alexsey each time I've visited NYC.
  14. Kelly wallet is much easier to find than b/k (NYC stores no longer sell b/k to non-local customers) although the most popular colors are in the back and not displayed. If you're looking for basic colors you might get lucky.
  15. I think you will do fine on and calling stores. Be sure that the wallet will work for you day to day, though. I thought I wanted the Kelly, but after trying it for a minute or two realized that the strap would make me crazy when I just wanted to quickly pay and move on. Decided I am a Bearn girl instead, and the SF store helped me find just the color I wanted over the phone.