kelly leather

  1. Hi
    As a follow up to an earlier post I made, I was wondering what would be best for a dressy black kelly with pal. hardware-swift? Epsom? or courcheval (if possible???):confused1:

    I want to see if I can order a 28 cm Kelly in black leather but have no idea what leather to ask for? I am not even sure if I can place an order for a Kelly???:confused1:

    I want something that is scratch resistent (unlike box) and durable but still dressy to wear for evening. It seems, based on the pictures in the reference thread that the above leathers are more dressy?:confused1:

    Thanks for your help everyone!:smile:
  2. Box calf is the dressiest (maybe because of the lovely shine it develops) and my favorite for a bag that goes into evening but, if you really do not want the box, check out the Swift (new name for Gulliver). It is more matte but with a very small grain. I think all the very textured leathers such as Togo, Clemence, and Fjord, and chevre look more casual. Epsom is a possibility for a dressier bag. Courcheval is no longer available for handbags; I think H replaced that leather with Epsom for bags.
  3. I think outside of box, swift might be what you're looking for (sure you don't want box?) But I think versus choosing the leather, make sure you go for a "sellier" or rigide stitch model kelly. They are definitely dressier and have a very structured, more formal look.
  4. black box, best investment for dressy!
  5. Thanks so much for the replies
    I am so afraid of box. I bought a roger vivier clutch this winter which is made of similar leather, used it once for a wedding so it basically sat on my chair all night and it is already horribly scratched. Thank goodness it was only $600 and NOT $7000 like the kelly! I am just afraid I will absolutely ruin a box kelly but they are beautiful and the most dressy.

    That being said, what is your experiences with box? Can you spa out the scratches?

    Also, is it possible to place a special order for a kelly these days???

  6. Yup, they do scratch. Deep scratches are a problem, but little scratches eventually become part of the patina. My experience is that the less formal leathers get rubbed out at the bottom corners and piping down the sides, just from regular use. I try to be careful with my bags, but I carry them all the time (why else buy them??) but they do show wear after time. I don't think any leather will look like new after a couple of years. Good luck!
  7. What about chevre? I tried on a 28 chevre sellier kelly once and it was TDF! Actually, I think it easily went from day to night. IIRC, the chevre is a more durable leather. I also love box, but with my lifestyle, there's no way I could ever buy it--I would ruin it!!!

  8. I second the suggestion for chevre!! Gorgeous, and it has a slight sheen. I really feel that chevre is a superb substitute for box when your climate or lifestyle won't accomodate box. Chevre is also very easy to make "casual", which is nice.
  9. Chevre it is! I just spoke to my SA and she told me I cannot special order the kelly. I just have to wait to see if one comes in. If anyone sees a black chevre 28 cm kelly with either gold or pal hardware, please let me know!! thanks!

  10. may i suggest you consider black vache liagee? very elegant and durable..........sort of a cross (visually) between chevre and epsom. Visible grain but matte and subtle. possibly easier to come by as well
  11. Ah, that was what my sa told me too. I asked for box, and a chevre came in and I got that in the end.

    However, if you are in the usa, I have the impression that they can do a search and if it's in other stores they can have it sent over to your store.
  12. Congrats on your new Kelly!
  13. Hi Lyanna:
    Do you love your chevre??? I think this is what I want but who knows when it will come in. On a positive note, my SA did say they get it more often than box.

  14. My choices, in no particular order

    1) Box Calf
    2) Chevre
    3) Epsom
    4) Vache Liegee
    5) Fjord.

    It has to be a Sellier Kelly.