Kelly Lakis - Must-have or pass?

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  1. Having researched the Lakis in the Forum, there are those who love this bag and there are those who don't. I am currently sitting on the fence. My SM has offered the SO and wondering if I should take the bite.

    If I do bite, it will be most likely be in a neutral colour like black, etoupe, etain or blue sapphire.

    It is a fairly special bag vis-a-vis the regular Kelly while being practical with the pockets.

    My concern is with the weight. At the higher price for the Lakis, am wondering if I should consider a Birkin Touch instead. I know that they are different looks and bags. It is still a thought especially from a cost perspective.

    Appreciate any thoughts re the Lakis ... must-have or pass?
  2. If you love the Lakis do it. It is SO only. It doesn't matter if others love or hate...just you. Is it really more than Birkin Touch?: I don't recall that, but if those are your two top picks, that is more a choice between B with exotic and K with pockets.
  3. I would only be concerned about the weight. It actually is a lot heavier to me than a regular Swift 32 K and that bothers me. It is also a lot pricier than a regular Kelly. I was considering the Lakis purely for travel and if it already weighs a lot, I would not be comfortable on a journey. Being petite I have to be realistic and I walk a lot during my travels. In the end I decided to SO a Retourne Swift 28K and use that. Just a tip.
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  4. I had also considered getting a K Lakis for my SO but I was advised that it will be a heavy bag. In the end, I decided not to go ahead with it and order a K28 in chevre instead. But I still love the K Lakis for its pockets etc! Good luck in making your decision!
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  5. I would take it if I’m offered one. I always loved the look of it.
  6. I think it looks really awesome. I would totally buy one if I had an offer.
  7. B30 touch was $22,400 in August 2018.
    KL32 swift was $16,000 in March 2019.
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  8. Thanks for your feedback, everyone. Much appreciated.
    Prices are higher in my neck of the woods, almost 40% higher than Europe prices.
  9. Golly.
  10. I am in the US and the prices are much higher than in Europe. The Touch is still a pochette more expensive than the Lakis!
  11. In the end what matters is whether you love it. Do you prefer a Kelly over a Birkin or vice versa? If you love a Birkin more my vote is for the Touch otherwise the Lakis. I agree the prices here are insane so you have to be 100% sure. If you have the slightest bit of hesitation don’t do it.
  12. I love love love lakis, and wish back then I had SO one instead of a regular bi-colored Birkin. The weight issue is definitely a valid concern, though I think you could order a 28 nowadays (instead of 32 or 35, I haven’t seen a lakis that’s smaller than 25, but I don’t know everything about H), and that should help with its weight. The strap is also wider, and that helps too. And if you think the leather strap adds weight, you could opt for a canvas one.

    To me, lakis is THE perfect bag for everyday. The outside pocket is super useful! I think you can tell I am a big lakis-wannabe (as in I really really want a lakis). :yes:

    Good luck deciding! It’s such a wonderful dilemma. Please do give us an update what you ultimately decide! Happy weekend!
  13. Definite yes for me, love the lakis design. The outside pockets make it a perfect travel bag and so chic.

    As far as I know by SO it’s only size 32 upwards. Anyway I think the bag looks better in the bigger sizes.

    Good luck deciding such a nice dilemma :smile:
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  14. I think you are right, so far still only 32 and SO for a Kelly Lakis. Which is too large and heavy for me. A 28 might be better.

    Best of luck to you @baghag21
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  15. Lakis is my dream bag but I refuse to SO it because of being of single color and all leather. I would rather have the Lakis with canvas and something like the Lakis with the stripes which was released two or one year ago
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