Kelly Lakis Bag

  1. I think a 40 Lakis would make a great travel bag or briefcase. Unisex.
  2. Now it's about the price of a birkin!:sad:
  3. Unisex? Maybe I can persuade DH that it can be "OUR" bag :graucho:
  4. I can absolutely see using it as a briefcase!!! My 40cm's B get way too heavy with files papers etc,,,,,the shoulder strap and outside pockets seem divine:tup::tup:
  5. :yes:I want one:heart:
  6. I actually love this bag - Fisch for the Hip in NY had one in black a year ago (32cm) and the Lee Gardens store in HK had (or maybe still has) a brown box/canvas Lakis in 32 cm. I agree it would make a great workbag, whereas a regular Kelly doesn't since it's so hard to quickly get things out of the bag (and organize inside). I do think the Lakis needs to be a 35cm at least, though, for a useful work bag!
  7. I agree that it has to be at least 35cm for a work bag. I've tried a 32cm and thought it was too small. 40cm was a tad too big, although if I can convince DH to "share" the bag, then it probably has to be 40cm to work for both of us.
  8. I never knew the Lakis came in a 35cm size. I can only imagine what that one is priced at lol! When I bought my 32cm last year, it was priced around 9k - which was more than the 35cm Birkins were at the time. I can only imagine what they will be after the next price increase!
  9. I know... it's really expensive, more than the birkin 30 and now Ranag confirm more than a birkin 35!
    But it's a gorgeous bag and I agree with those that say it has to be considered a different bag from Kelly.
  10. I was never too fond of it from pics, but then I watched someone buying it at FSH, and it looked great, if you like the briefcase style!
  11. Hi,

    I have this bag as well and am about to post it on eBay. Does anyone know the retail value of this bag?
  12. Anyone know what is the current RRP for a Kelly Lakis 35 in full leather?:smile:


  13. It is $12,000 and change! Don't recall the exact amount...
  14. My local Hermes dealer told me, that the Lakis is rare, ie limited numbers each year and that she has never seen one for the last 5 years!

    Any truth to this and how many are made each year approx and in full leather?
  15. I would like to know if the kelly lakis only comes in one size, 32cm or 35cm, cause i didnt see any other size of that model. the bigger kelly i saw was 40cm and i wanna know if exists a lakis on that size too, does anyone know more about this model??? I'm obsessed to find one in noir or gris with palladium.:p:p:p