Kelly Lakis Bag

  1. The San Francisco Hermes store had one just the other day in the exact same color and it looks like the same leather. I didn't ask the price so I don't know if the eBay seller's price is in line or not.....
  2. I kind of like it for the more pockets and the unique factor - not the price though...
  3. I am not use to the look of this one yet. WHY did they not place the zipper pockets on the backside? The zippers are so bold. I am so sure they are functional and great quality, but I would have put the pockets/zippers in the back. Then, you would have a Kelly with a clean twist. Maybe it has something to do with how it is handmade.
  4. I think it has a masculine look to it.
  5. I like the more classic kelly look.
  6. I don't really care for this bag. I think the pockets look strange and take away from the beauty of the bag.
  7. Same for me. The pockets look too "busy"...I still prefer the classic Kelly! :heart:
  8. I don't like it either. The classic Kelly is beautiful!
  9. I agree
  10. I prefer the classic kelly as well. It's VERY pricey and VERY heavy too!! It weighs like a TON~! :yucky:
  11. Not my cup of tea. I also prefer the classic Kelly.
  12. Interesting to know it's heavy - I just thought it was different looking - but at that price, forget it!
  13. i completely agree with you. im not liking this style even if its hermes. it looks authentic though.
  14. Not my cup of tea either. Prefer the classic kelly look.