Kelly JPG Clutch vs. Kelly Longue vs. Kelly 25cm


Which style do you prefer the most?

  1. Kelly JPG Clutch

  2. Kelly Longue

  3. Kelly 25cm

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. Out of all three (Kelly Clutch, Kelly Longue, and Kelly 25cm), which one do you prefer the most and which the least? Why? TIA:flowers: .
  2. I like the 25cm the best. I think it does the most justice to the classic Kelly shape. It really is the perfect size for me and I can't wait for mine to finally arrive (feels like I've been waiting forever)!
  3. what is kelly Longue?
  4. What about the Kelly Elan????
  5. ^^^^^No longer available. Why don't you bring yours with you to NYC, D?:graucho:
  6. I love the Kelly 25 in black box for evening, then the Kelly elan for really formal events. Longue is not my fave.
  7. Love that!! How big is it?

    I really like both the clutch and the 25 cm box but for different occasions. I NEED one of each!
  8. WHAT, WHAT, WHAT????? REALLY????? :wtf: :wtf:

    ....HG, I am going to bring it with me. It's the only bag I have that can fit in my carry-on along with all the other stuff I have to haul......:rolleyes:

    ....i have a discontinued bag? this a BAD thing?????
  9. Which one has been discontinued??
  10. mine Rose....the Elan.....:sad:
  11. I can't imagine that would be bad but I just wanted to say that every time I look at that bag, Shopmom, I just smile... it is soooooo gorgeous!!!! :drool:
  12. thank you so much Jenifer :heart:

  13. Oh no! it's beautiful.... I was just about to put it on my list of 'must haves'. I hope this is not going to turn into one of my 'obsessive 'must- haves hunts' :s . Just did that with a limited edition Chanel bag......with a happy outcome.
  14. Oh, Shopmom, it is very bad to have a discontinued bag. You must must give it to me :graucho: .
  15. Fight you for it!:smash: OOPS, sorry Vlad:shame: and Chanchan, youst kidding:angel: