Kelly Issues

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  1. I test drove a Kelly today. I have owned Kelly bags for a while but they have sat in my closet (except I have used the JPG Kelly's for evening). So, after being a daily Birkin user (with a few Bolides thrown in), I decided to use a Kelly today on an all-day outing. This was a 32cm sellier exotic bag. The shoulder strap was great, but the functionality and capacity were so frustrating. I could not fit the contents of the 30cm Birkin I had been using just previously (and I usually carry a 35). The benefit of that is that the bag was not heavy on my shoulder. It seemed a major production to get into the bag---and then I had to close it in order to carry it. So, I had to think about whether I really needed that extra lipstick application, the sunglasses had to stay perched on my head, and how much did I really crave that breath mint....But it did look hot.
  2. Sounds about right. I love the look of the Kelly but not the hassle. Between reaching for ringing cells, putting keys away or getting keys out and not being able to carry my large sunglass case, the functionality of the shoulder strap fades away.

    Birkins get much more action on my arm and my Kellys rest quietly in the closet.
  3. LOL Pampered! Your last sentence really captured what sometimes goes on in my brain when I have my Kelly. So I mess up the hair with the sunglasses, look a little washed out without the extra color on my lips, but the beauty of the bag does makes up for it all!
  4. LOL! I use my Kelly only when I know I need so much lesser for the day/evening. E.g. sitting in a theatre and pretty much not doing anything!
  5. I think once you become a regular Kelly user, all those "issues" become non-issues. JMHO.
  6. hahahahaaa Yes, I know what you mean :roflmfao: I had my sunglass perched on my head, cellphone in my hands (in case it rings) yesterday! :biggrin:

    I just got kelly back and I had been using her exclusively, it takes a while for me to close it and to think I need to deal with opening it again when the phone rings :Push: This is my 3rd day, I am slowly getting used to her (again), getting the hang of it. Even my DH waits patiently when I uses her :P

    Now, I turn the kelly the other way (left hand) - lock facing me, I hold her on her bottom with my right hand and left hand locks her and left hand holds her handle and I am done.

    But I like to borrow Eric Fam's quote: "She is troublesome at times but because she is so beautiful, I make excuses for her" :girlsigh: :yes: :heart:
  7. Oh, I ADORE my Kelly's and don't find the extra attention I give them at all a problem. Just makes me slow down a little....something I really need to do in my life.

    Also, I find that whatever I fit in my 30cm also fits inside my 32cm Kelly BUT I do have to edit a little when I go down to my 28cms. Usually, I need to remove my Karo GM but that's about it.
  8. :tup:
  9. I usually wear my Kelly the way Parisian women wear them: with the flap on the turnkey, but not the straps. I just let them dangle. Easier to get in and out of the bag that way :smile:
  10. ^ that was how I wear mine too.
  11. :yes: that's the way I carry mine as well :flowers:
  12. ^^^same here. It makes it so much easier to get into. I honestly don't have a problem with accessibility when I carry it this way. Maybe I'm just so in love with the kelly I don't care!
  13. Not everyone likes the more souple skins but I've found the clemence Kellys are just heavenly to work with. So soft and the straps lock and unlock quickly and the whole bag comes together in a hurry if you want to pull it up and lock the straps.

    As opposed to the more elegant looking box calf Kellys. And, I have not had as much experience with Kelly in box calf as most of you thus my slowness with this skin in this style.

    But, I can get into and find things with my Kelly as fast as the Birkins:yes:.I loved the style so much I had to want to learn to do it.
  14. I wear a bluetooth headset, so when my phone rings I don't have to reach inside my 32cm Box Calf Kelly. And my car unlocks and starts if the key is with me, so I don't have to reach inside my Kelly for the key. I haven't solved the sunglasses or lipstick issues though, lol. I never close the straps except when she is tucked back into her sleeper, and find that access is quick and easy. Yes, it's a smidge less convenient that using my 30cm or 35cm Birkins (which I wear with the flap tucked inside and straps flying), but far more elegant. I wore this Kelly yesterday and, last night before changing into my pj's, also tried my outfit with my 35cm Black Togo Birkin and 32cm Rouge H HAC. The clear winner was the Kelly, then the HAC and then the Birkin.

    I think what's happening is that I'm shifting away from Togo and towards Box Calf, at least when the weather permits. It's another glorious day here in the northeast (U.S.) and either the Box Calf Kelly or Box Calf HAC will be spending the day with me.
  15. smart!

    Maybe I can change that answer phone message....." Hi, this is Rose's cell phone. I am resting in her Kelly . Please leave a message and she will get back to you the next time she is forced to open her Kelly to make yet another H purchase. Have a lovely day."
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