Kelly Is Disarray after a Drink...

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  1. Had a long day, House is a WRECK...DH is gone, BB is asleep, time for an appletini...
    hermesbjkelly 052.jpg
  2. I'm not sure what looks more delish... your Kelly or THAT DRINK!!!

  3. Oh, i need one of those!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. Kelly decided she would like one more...BlueRaspberryTini...

    Kelly thanks you for the wonderful comment Birkin!

    JAG~ Come on in and have a dirnk:graucho:
    hermesbjkelly 053.jpg
  5. If anyone wants to share a drink with me and my kelly, come on in. My DH has been gone a lot. I rarely have a drink, so I thought I would share with Kelly and all of you as I am home with the sleeping children. I think the baby is cutting teeth as he has been unusually fussy and cranky. My nerves are a little shot today.:shame:
  6. Ahhh, something about retourne Kellys that is so laid back!
  7. I totally agree Lucci! I love this Kelly. My first Kelly was BJ Togo, and for some reason this kelly gets and has gotten all my attention:love:. I use her all the time. I was fortunate that a lovely member here steered me in the right direction regarding clemence Retourne. Totally the right fit for me. :heart:
  8. I'll take a Rose Shocking-tini:tispy::ty:
  9. That's it. I'm coming over (secretly hoping you will have too many "tinis" so I can sneak out with that fabulous kelly):ninja::drinkup::p
  10. J~ I have one for you..keep your eyes peeled! :lol:
  11. You rock Ghost!!! Enjoy!! :drinkup:

    Hmmm, I am thinking that appletini green looks sweet with black! Is there an Hermes color that comes close?? Oh! That allusive green that I can remember that name it vert anis?! :confused1:
  12. Maybe he needs a "-tini" too!! :p Just kiddin'!!
  13. Ms. Kelly dipping into Rose Pomagrante Tini...This is probably my last as this one is kind of strong. I was trying really hard to make it ROSE for Amamxr but, that meant a lot of Alcohol.. so probably last one..:drinkup::push:

    Jag get cha' one!
    hermesbjkelly 054.jpg hermesbjkelly 055.jpg
  14. The luscious babe knows how to lose herself in spirit :flowers:

  15. I wish! It is so strange as my first son did not cut teeth until 6 Months. This little guy is only 3 months old. Here he is.. in a happier moment:yes:
    hermesbjkelly 058.jpg