Kelly inspired cookies....

  1. I got my Dean and Deluca catalogue yesterday and saw the "colorful shoe and purse cookies*".
    It reminded me of the Kelly (not exactly but *ahem* inspired...)



    if that doesnt show up:

    item # 401274

    *Kosher :jammin:
  2. they look cute
  3. How adorable! Great gift-idea!
  4. ^^^VERY CUTE and colorful....They look yummy, but too pretty to eat. It would be very cute for a little girl's tea party!:heart:
  5. how cute! And looks yummy....I love cookies lol!!
  6. I ordered from D&D for the holiday! They import some yummy things from Italy. Cookies are cute!!!
  7. Wow!!! I wouldn't bear to eat them! They are so cute!
  8. oooooooohhhhh!!!! These would be sooo cute for a bridal shower!!!
  9. yummy!
  10. those are sooo cute!! i saw this kelly cake and posted it a few months ago...

  11. Do you keep kosher E?

    Those are adorable.
  12. adorable:cutesy:
  13. Mmmmmm, Kelly cookies!!
  14. those look delicious,...
  15. Aww ... they are so cute ... perfect gift for any H fan