Kelly In Togo??

  1. Dear Ladies, you have showed me so many great pictures of your Kelly's, thank you! But on my questions between the pictures you haven't answered. So I'm starting a new thread about the leather of the Kelly.
    I'm not shure if I should choose the Togo. I think, the Clémence is a bit too soft for the Kelly, isn't it? I prefer a bag a little soft, but not tooooo soft. I think, Clémence is very soft. And Fjord or Box is too stiff for me, or not?
    I would be happy, if you have some ideas for me, and if you talk about your experiences with the leather of your Kelly's. Thanks!:love:
  2. I have a Kelly 28 in Clemence and I don't find it as soft or slouchy the way it would be in a Birkin. By slouchy I mean it doesn't fall over like a Birkin in Clemence would. I don't know, maybe the way a Kelly is built is different from a Birkin.
  3. Yes, that's right. I think a Kelly and the Birkin are two very different bags. I think the Birkin is more casual, the Kelly is more classic and elegant (for me). I think the Kelly should not "go down" in the middle, if it's open. It should hold his shape.:girlsigh:
  4. Have you decided if you want a sellier or a retourné? That would influence your choice of leather.
  5. I mean that Togo can only be made with Retourné!! Togo isn't suitable for Sellier!:nogood:
  6. Thanks evekitty - it's beautiful! I'll ask the SA tomorrow if it's possible to order a Kelly in Togo with Sellier! I think, that could be perfect?!:confused1:
  7. You may want to wait for others to chime in but to my knowledge, Hermes does not make the Kelly Mou anymore.
  8. From my experience, Togo is fantastic for a retourne Kelly, especially if you like a casual Kelly. The thing however is that, Togo seems to be rather limited these days.

    I prefer Togo to Clemence any time. Clemence is more slouchy and is also heavier than Togo. I know this for a fact, because I was fortunate enough to have 2 exact retourne Kellys, one in Clemence and one in Togo, and I lifted them up, one on each hand to compare.

    If you go to the Kelly thread, you will see loads of pictures of Togo Kellys.
  9. Good luck with your hunt!
  10. no they don´t it was kind of replaced by the kelly flat but regardless they used to and probably still domake togo kellys in regular sellier i eventhink that ourlovely archangel has one in togo vert anis
  11. And how about the Epson? Has anybody a Kelly in Epson?
  12. I have a Birkin in Epsom and the leather is very stiff. A Kelly in Epsom will hold its shape really well, but if you're looking for something soft, I don't think you'll like it.
  13. OMG OMG It's enough to drive me mad!:sweatdrop: