kelly in pink sakura or craie?

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    planning to purchase this through an online shop called finklepuff, so i only have pictures from their ig.

    kelly 28 craie togo ghw
    kelly 25 rose sakura swift ghw

    my height is 5’1, but i thought both sizes would do well for a petite figure like me, i wear a lot of colors so i thought craie might be a better option, but the rose sakura with ghw is also gorgeous! never had a swift leather, and i don’t have a lot of neutrals, just one B30 in bleu nuit. help! thanks :heart:

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  2. Craie togo is divine! I love mine ...a B30. Also have bleu nuit in a k28.

    Sakura is a favorite pink of many tpfers. For me, it’s just a bit too sweet a pink for a bag. I would wear it as a bracelet etc (i love pink). I think that size in swift will wear well from a structure perspective.

    Other owners of Swift kellys should be able to comment on durability.

    Each a great choice. Good luck!
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  3. I have a swift b25. The leather holds well I have never been worried about it. It is a bit scary when it gets wet as the spots turn very very dark but when it’s dry they are as good as new
  4. They are both nice purses. But my vote goes to Kelly 28 Craie Togo GHW.
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  5. Craie + gold hardware = winner :smile:
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  6. i like craie but k25 is better for your height.
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  7. Craie!!! I have a K32 Clemence in Craie and LOVE HER!!
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  8. The rose sakura with ghw took my breathe away. You can’t go wrong with either...they’re both stunning.
  9. kelly 28 craie togo ghw
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  10. I vote for Craie.
    Please do your homework on the seller, lots of mixed reviews.
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  11. The kelly 28 craie togo ghw is simply gorgeous. i love it.
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  12. Both are beautiful but my vote goes for kelly 28 craie togo ghw. Its gorgeous! :heart:
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  13. Craie. It is more versatile.
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  14. I would go for the Craie because I would find it more versatile bc of the color and size but the Sakura is very stunning and I love swift leather in small bags.
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  15. Craie with ghw looks so elegant. It is such a versatile all year round color and I prefer Togo to Swift if this is a bag you plan to use a lot. I agree that either the k25 or the k28 size would look great on you so decision boils down to color and leather. I love pink Sakura too but I think you’ll get more use out of the craie.
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