Kelly in formal parties?

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  1. Hi, do you think I can use a Kelly in a formal/black tie party or is it better to use something like a Chanel flap?
    How do you use your Kelly?
  2. What size is your kelly?? I prefer the look of cluthches but have seen photos of women at formal events with smaller kellys and it looked nice...
  3. 28cm?
  4. A size 25 or 28 would be good at a formal party. Depending on your outfit, you could even go with a 32.
  5. A Kelly isn't a formal bag.
    A clutch would be more appropriate for a truly formal event.
  6. FORMAL formal (like, black tie and gown formal)--no. I'd say minaudiere or at least smallish leather clutch. But just dressy? A small Kelly would work, IMO. But I wouldn't go bigger than a 28, max. On the other hand, the number of formal events I attend is. . . well, let's just say I wasn't on the invite list for the Met Gala this evening. So, ultimately, as long as you feel comfortable, the nature of the bag you take to such an event is NOT an earthshattering issue. Everyone else will be too busy worrying about their own ensembles to critique your bag! :biggrin:
  7. ita😜
  8. Neither. You need a small dressy clutch. You can find a nice one at a good price. I think the bag is secondary to the jewelry and the dress at events like this.
  9. Personally I prefer a clutch at a formal/black tie event.
  10. I agree, a clutch or a Kelly Pochette would look fabulous.
  11. +1
  12. For something black tie I think the Kelly cut or pochette are more appropriate. K25 is pushing it a bit but still acceptable, I wouldn't do anything bigger than that. I have a black sellier K32 but I would only bring it to semiformal events if that. I just think the bigger bags are a little out of place, but just my opinion :smile:
  13. +1

  14. This. For a formal black tie event, I believe only clutches, silk bags, or minaudières are appropriate. I would not wear a Kelly to a formal event.
  15. I took a Constance once . It worked well during reception since I had my hands free. But it was awkward to deal with the shoulder strap at the dinner table. I had to keep it behind me when I sat down and it was not very comfortable when waiter served. Medor clutch is the way to go for me. Jige is fine, but a bit casual IMHO
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