kelly in canvas?


bag greed bug
Jun 4, 2006
hi! i'm new to hermes :P
and i've never want to have one until i saw the kelly bag in canvas with the leather lids?
anyone know the style of this bag? and can u please post pics of yours..
i'm so in love with that bag... never thought it'll look so classy and chic.
and anyone know the retails price of that bag?

TIA :smile:
I think it is called the herbag but i guess others will know better than me,it comes with 2 different colored or sized bottoms which u can interchange .check the threads
Hi Seahorse,
It may have been the Herbag, or it may have been the traditional Kelly done in canvas (toile) and leather, body of Kelly in canvas, with the flap, straps, handle, bottom in leather. Kelly and Herbag are two very different bags.