Kelly Green

Aug 13, 2014
I just got a Kelly Green Dooney Darcy satchel in pebbled leather. The color is amazing.
Green is not one of the colors I'm generally attracted to.... I don't hate green, but I don't love it
enough to want to own every green bag I see. (Blue, purple, pink fall into that category). :smile:

The Kelly Green done in the pebbled leather is really vibrant and beautiful. I'll admit it was YT videos that got me
interested, and the sale a few weeks ago that pushed me over the edge. I'm switching into
the bag today.

I don't know if Kelly Green qualifies as a 'goes with everything' neutral or not. Because the Kelly Green
is so vibrant, I think it will work with almost every other color....except maybe bright red (too Christmassy) or
bright orange). But the Kelly Green is easily a 4 season handbag color. And the color makes me smile!