Kelly Green Gucci Rain Boots? Helpp :)

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  1. *Bump?
  2. Cute but I would be worried about the white sole getting REALLY dirty. Do they fit around your calves well?
  3. They are actually big around my calves, as all rain boots are lol.
    And I was worried about the sole too, would the dirt and grime just wash off though?
  4. i agree with JC. cute, but scared about the white sole. if it's major dirt-age, then it might be hard to clean and make it completely white again
  5. Well, I doubt I can return them..
    Is it possible to wear these as winter boots with a fleece lining or something?
  6. very cute, and dont worry about the can totally just rinse them off. great thing about rubber.
  7. The white trim at the top is actually leather, any chance of it getting dirty?
  8. don't wear dark rinse jeans w/ them.
  9. the top of the shoe should be much safer, but in case it does get a smudge here or there, you can get leather cleaner (lexol leather cleaner).
  10. Thanks so much everyonee! I decided to keep them, can't wait for the next rainy day.