Kelly Girls.....

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  1. How often do you use the shoulder strap with your Kelly? Do you usually carry them by the top handle, rather than the shoulder strap? I know with my Herbag, I rarely use the shoulder strap.....just wondering about kelly's which are a little "bulkier" if you know what I mean?!:smile:
  2. I am a Kelly girl...I own so many top handle bags...I always carry by the top handle with my Hermes Kelly. I think that is the reason I feel in love with the Kelly ages ago. I loved top handle bags and it is the SUPREME top handle bag to own.

    I think I used my strap once and did not like it...probably won't use it again.

    Had my Kelly out to dinner the hand and on the arm!
  3. Me too. A top handle girl all the way. I don't even remember when I used the strap on mine....oh....actually I used it recently when Princess and I went to Target for cat food and litter. Needed both hands for that!
  4. Never. Have never liked the way any bag/brand looks with the double handle thing going on. If I had to, it would be on a smaller bag like the 28cm Kelly.

    In the movie "Le Divorce" Kate Hudson wears her red croc with the shoulder strap, wasn't crazy about it there either:sad:
  5. I thought this would be the general concensus.......I'm not crazy about the double handle thing either......but I thought it was maybe just me!
  6. Nope...not just you...guess the strap is for an emergency ^^
  7. I am not a shoulder strap person either..I only used it during my trip when I needed to be hands free. and since I dislike the shoulder strap style so much..i wear it across like a messenger bag. handle all the way :yes:

    I do appreciate Hermes made that option makes everything easier during travel when you have to pull luggage with carry-on bag, laptop, and shopping bag at the same time ..
  8. I like using my Kelly with the shoulder strap to free my hands whenever I need:wlae: . I even ordered a strap in canvas for it. With the canvas strap you can dress down a bit for a casual look.
  9. I was also just thinking that it is so much more elegant to use a top handle bag. I use shoulder bags most often as day bags, but never feel "dressed" up with them with the exception of my Trims. They hang on the shoulder very neatly. Actually, I think that is the key, the bag falling off the shoulder feels sloppy:rolleyes: Now who'd want to do that to a Kelly:hysteric:
  10. I was inpired by Maggie Cheung, the actress of "In the Mood for Love" and the muse of Balenciaga. There's a picture taken from Appledaily HK. She is so chic:tender: .
    Maggie 27.jpg
  11. HEY! Maggie's got my kelly!!!!! :nuts:
  12. I don't always use the strap, but it comes in handy when my shoulder is sore. I used to just take the strap off, but now I've got it on. I like the choice.
  13. The pic was years ago. There's another one I've seen her with in a canvas strap. I read somewhere that her ex-husband's mother was a handbag designer at Hermes.
  14. I use my Kellys both ways...with strap and without depending on where I'm going. It's a lot easier with the strap if I'm going shopping or doing errands. Without the strap is more elegant for evenings or afternoons with friends.
  15. never used the strap it looks kinda weird if you wear the kelly on the shoulder strap in my opinion