Kelly Girls - this just in......

  1. Sa just told me the new Kelly's being made (just starting production now) will not have the double-loop on the handle - they're going back to the single loop...............ABOUT TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:yahoo:
  2. Excellent! Thanks for the update GF!!!
  3. Oh no. I love the double loop.
  4. I was wondering if they were going to do this after seeing the runway pics of the folding kellys.....Thanks for the confirmation, GF! :yahoo:
  5. ooooohhh...GF, did your SA say why Hermes is going back to the single loop?
  6. :yahoo: :yahoo:
  7. Great Update! Thank you.
  8. Please explain the double and single loop. I don't have a Kelly but want one! Thanks!
  9. no, she didn't say.....I'd be interested to know, too. Actually, wouldn't it be great if it was an option, like gold or pall h/w, single or double loops.
  10. ahhhh! I didn't even notice them on the folded Kellys!! Great eyesight, huh??:lol:
  11. birkinbaby, see pics attached:
    1st pic - Kelly with single loop ring at the handles
    2nd pic - Kelly with double loop ring at the handles

    The double loop rings on Kellys were introduced by Hermes (when?? -can someone help? ) so that it's easier for wearers to hook the shoulder strap :flowers:
    single loop.jpg double loop.jpg
  12. Around 2001.
  13. Thanks, Gigi! Is it really harder to wear the shoulder straps with the loop that is attached to the handle?
  14. Oh GF, I TOTALLY second that! :yes: That would make the Kelly so much more personal & extra special, isn't it? :heart:

    hmm....if only we are VVVVVVVVVVVVIP! ;)
  15. Hi Gigi,
    Thank you so much for posting the pictures and making the indications. I had not even noticed the extra loops! Then again, I don't have a Kelly (yet :P )

    So if the strap loops come off, what does that mean? No more shoulder straps?

    PS: I've been wondering if Paris stopped making the JPG shoulder birkin to make room for all the new bags coming out ....