Kelly galore

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  1. Came across a Kelly feature in a Japanese magazine, and thought I wld post the pictures for your viewing pleasure :smile: What do you ladies think of the calf-hair Kelly?

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  2. thanks for sharing!
  3. Eiko, thank you so much for the gorgeous photos. I could just dive in to pic 3, every Kelly I could ever want is in the photograph...
  4. More..

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  5. I think the calf hair one is absolutely stunning, and keep those gorgy pics coming!!
  6. And more :smile:

    The last bag isn't an Hermes but its so gorgeous and was what made me buy the magazine!!

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  7. The calf hair one isn't my taste but does look very nice, thanks for the great pics
  8. eiko, thank you for sharing. :smile:
  9. The calf hair kelly is incredibly chic :heart:
  10. Thanks for posting. :yes:
    I'm not crazy about hair bags, as nice as they are to look at.
  11. thanks for sharing...
  12. Thanks for the kelly pics - kellys are my favorite H bags and I'm loving these photos!

    I think the calf hair kelly looks lovely, but I don't think i'd ever own a "hair" bag...
  13. Thankyou eiko for the pictures. I think the calf hair (trokia) is gorgeous!
  14. Personally, I don't think Kellys should be hairy....:yucky:
  15. Thanks for sharing the pics with us, eiko! I absolutely love the matte croc one... :drool: