Kelly Flat or Kelly Longue??

  1. I saw them both and wonder how one uses the Kelly Flat? It would go well with casual chic but how would one really get stuff in and out of it? Any personal experiences out there?

    As for the Kelly longue, is the depth (front to back of the purse) deep enough to hold essential items in it??

    Which would you choose??
  2. I've never seen a Kelly flat in person but from what I've read on this board it's not comfortable to use as an evening bag, and some say it was never meant to be used that way either.

    The Kelly longue is, IMO and because I just got one :p, the best evening bag. It holds a ton and it's very comfortable to use. It's width is about an inch and you can easily fit cigs, cellphone, cc-case and some lipstick etc. without it looking all bulky.
  3. icechick, I really like the Kelly longue too. Did you consider the jpg Kelly (like the one ginab got in black lizard)? I am a little afraid the Kelly longue might be too long on me as I am under 5' 3". How tall are you? Do you have pictures of yourself carrying it? What color is yours?
  4. Icechick's RD Kelly Longue is very pretty!!

    I would take a Kelly Longue over the Kelly Flat any day.
  5. This is Icechick's Rose Dragee Kelly Longue.

  6. Thank you Queenie, I really love that bag!!

    Tamarind, I tried on the JPG when I bought the Kelly Longue and it was just way too small for me. I was a little disappointed at first as I've been wanting a JPG forever but I quickly recovered when the SA brought out the Longue. It was love at first sight :p

    I'm around 165cm and I don't have modeling pics yet, I just got back home from a trip and I'm dodging the camera until I get over my jetlag, lol.
  7. Both are different bag styles for different purposes/lifestyle. It's not really comparing apples with apples.

    If you're a frequent flyer, especially for work, and loathe to carry an additional piece of item on top of your pull trolley bag and notebook bag whilst having to whisk past immigration all the time, then the Kelly Flat is a great bag, to be folded and stored in your pull trolley bag, to be whipped out only when you need it on arrival (after pull trolley bag has been checked in to hotel room)

    As for the Kelly Longue, it's a great evening clutch.
  8. Thank you so much Queenie for posting that picture here. Icechick, your Kelly Longue is so gorgeous. I saw rose dragee in a Kelly 28 and a Kelly 32 but never before in a Kelly Longue.
    You are quite a bit taller than I am, but I'd still love to see a picture of the bag on you whenever you are ready for a modeling shot. I have only seen it on a 6 ft tall model and I know that was no help to me whatsoever.
    I like both the jpg Kelly and the longue...just can't decide.
  9. I love the Kelly longue. I just saw one identical to icechick's at the new Wall St. store yesterday...
  10. I love the look of Icechick's Kelly Longue. It's on my list of things to see in Vegas at the end of the month!
  11. Thanks girls, I really love it and now I'm dying for a black one with gold hardware :girlsigh:

    Tamarind, I'll post pics in the action thread tomorrow :yes:
  12. I love your Kelly longue too much is a Kelly longue? Another for the 'list'...:graucho:
  13. Can't wait to see picture!
  14. Here's a pic for size. I'm running out for a hair appointment, should probably have waited untill after, lol :rolleyes:
  15. Thank you, icechick! Looks great on you! Can't wait to get my own!