Kelly Epsom price hike??

  1. I just called the SCP Hermes to inquire about any Kelly's and they offered me a 28 BRICK RED Sellier in Epsom for $7,000. Have Kelly's really become so expensive? Last time I saw one it was $5,700 and that was 2 weeks ago but the color was too bland for me.
  2. That's odd. I thought that box was more expensive than epsom. In NY the other week there was a 28 rouge H box calf kelly with gold HW going for $6150.
  3. Ok now I am really peeved with this boutique. I really want box and wouldn't dare purchase an epsom Kelly but can boutique's price out merchandise at their own discretion?
  4. Did you want a red kelly in box? Maybe you can ring the Madison Ave boutique and see if the 28 rouge H sellier is still available.
  5. That seems really high! I saw a 32cm Natural Chamonix Sellier in Chicago for aobut $6800
  6. I have to say it seems to me the prices are going up and quickly
  7. The epsom HAC I saw was $7000. It was bigger than a 28...not sure exactly what size.
  8. KB, do you think that's because the holidays are coming up? Or that these price increases will be permanent? (Boy, I hope not. :sad: )
  9. I wanted black first, indigo or graphite next. I prefer darker hues. But at this point I realize that once I am ready to pull the trigger I will likely have to take a different brighter hue to get the coveted box leather.

    BTW, I saw a retourne 32 Chamonix Kelly for $5,800ish at Beverly Hills last week. I can't believe how the prices are all over the place. Not very consistent. I had thought that aside from Barenia, Box was the most expensive of the non-exotics.
  10. Are you sure they didn't get the ticket mixed up?
  11. Either that ^^ or perhaps the SA mixed up the leathers--$7K for Vache Liagee would make a little more sense, tho' it would still seem a bit high.
  12. This sounds more likely.
  13. Well this could be the case. This is the same boutique that has been previously discussed as having SA's looking into customers bags, not returning calls, etc. The SA could not tell me WHICH red it was just that it looked like a brick. Another indication of ignorance.
  14. Well, when I was SCP a few months ago, I also looked at a 32cm Sellier Rouge H Kelly, the SA said it was "Courcheval", which I thought was discontinued, but it looked like Epsom to me. It was definitely not Vache Liagee. She pulled the price tag out of the interior pocket, $7200. *shrug*
  15. Some reason it happens sometimes. I saw a TOGO kelly 28cm in blue jeam soupple for $6500:wtf: !