kelly en caleche

  1. Hi
    I am in a desperate search for this scarf. Any leads would be much appreciated
    Also, what colorways did it come in? i cant remember all of them.

    Finally, did NM carry it also? Should I expand my search to include non hermes stores? thanks
  2. Update to post
    If anyone bought the scarf at NM and has the sku or reference number, it would be appreicated. NM needs this to do a locate for me!! Thanks so much you can PM me with it if you want!!!
  3. maggiemoo: is it this scarf youre looking for (see post 561)? sorry, can't help you with the ref. number though :shrugs:
  4. thanks piperlu
    I saw these as well but I am hesitant to buy one b.c I believe they are located in Singapore and I will have to pay duty when they come into the US. I have my SA in NM looking and I think I found a lead on one in an H store!!
    Thanks again
  5. I have bought from that seller and not had to pay fact, I have never had to pay on any of my (embarassingly numerous) overseas purchases...

    you might check with her, in the event you hit a dead end at NM or H!

    Good luck!
  6. I've had luck with my local H. store bring in a few kelly en caleche scarves from other stores. They are around.
  7. I've had a "few" overseas purchases and haven't had to pay anything. *knocking on wood* :smile:
  8. I bought a couple cadenas from Bagteria just a few days ago. It was "painless"... I placed my order and about a week later my post office delivered them. No duty. It was just as easy as buying from a U.S. person. I think she is in Indonesia. She's a great seller. :tup:
  9. maggiemoo, the Toronto store has two in stock; a brown one and a blue one. I saw them today. Good luck!
  10. Thanks to everyone who responded. I think I found one. Its the black with the gold kellys. I was hoping there was a black and white one out there but I think its gone!
  11. I got the same one today maggiemoo!!! Great taste!!!
  12. I want this one too in the gold/black colourway, gorgeous! Hope you got it Maggiemoo!