Kelly en Caleche Scarf Framed --- Many Pics

  1. Well, it's been a month now since I took my Kelly en Calèche scarf in to be framed. It finally was hung today. The framer came out to my office and hung it for me. Basically I'm very happy with it. I'm a perfectionist and it's not perfect. There are a couple wrinkles at the edges and it is not perfectly squared up on the mat.

    In some ways I like that it isn't perfect because it is more like a scarf just laying on a mat. Well, at least I'm trying to convince myself of that!! :p The framer has achieved the distinction of "Master Framer" and has won many awards. I have to assume this is the best she could do. I imagine it was particularly difficult because this was one of H's "Vintage" scarves and it is so very soft.

    The way it was done was she hand stitched the scarf to the mat. The stitches are not at all visible. The frame is gilded in a pink/gold finish and there is a small inner frame in dark brown. I really love the frame. I "sprung" for the museum glass so there is no glare at all and it'll help prevent fading.

    Soooo, without further ado, here are the pics!

    This is taken from where I sit at my desk so it's my view all day!

    View from another angle.

    Detail of the frame.

    Another detail of the frame.


  2. It looks absolutely fantastic KG! Love the frame you chose!
  3. It looks stunning framed Kallie Girl. The frame looks perfect with it. I guess because of the movement of the silk, it must be incredibly hard to get it perfect, but it looks fantastic.
  4. That's so beautiful, it looks amazing framed.
  5. It's gorgeous!! Love that scarf!!! HMMMM...I must have!!!
  6. Fantastic!
  7. how lovely!!!
  8. Wow! That is wonderful! Congrats! I think it came out looking lovely.
  9. The scarf looks so nice framed!! Fabulous choice in frame, matches very well!
  10. Wow that looks amazing! I want to get that scarf someday too! although I will probably wear it before I get it framed! hehe

    What a beautiful job the framer did, and it looks amazing hanging on your wall!!!
  11. I've tis scarf too and my intention is to have it framed as well! Lookin at yours just convinced me that it's the right decision! It's simply gorgeous! Congrats!!!
  12. I see no flaws! Kallie Girl you are silly!
    I think it looks beautiful, glad you waited it looks sooo good.

    Give Kallie and Catcher a ear scratch for me.
  13. Wow! I love that idea! How did you find your framer?

    Thank you!
  14. The framer works at an Art Gallery/Art Shop in my town. They have a great reputation and I was very familiar with them. I asked for the head framer to handle this order. She worked with me directly and picked out the frame without any hesitation.
  15. I feel it will bring you much pleasure, every single day.....

    It's very lovely, Kallie.