Kelly Elan??

  1. Any thoughts on this?
    I am seriously contemplating one and saw a gorgeous raisin box with PH.
    What do you ladies think about this one???
  2. Oohh.. I've never seen raisin in box... Only seen it in togo..

    Is it pretty??? As yummy as a grape???
  3. Get it!

    You can use it for either day or night. I find Raisin a great alternative to a black evening bag.
  4. I haven't seen the raisin colour live yet, but the Kelly Elan clutch is the classiest style I've ever seen. I say get it while you still can, gurl !
  5. Kelly Elan or JPG Kelly Clutch????? If it's the Kelly Elan in Raisin Box, GRAB IT!!!!!!
  6. Thanks for the response ladies..
    Wellow-it is yummy in box.
  7. Shopmom-it is the elan.
  8. Like mine?????? GRAB IT! GRAB IT! Don't even think twice about it.....
  9. GET IT! I BEG YOU!!! Pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!
  10. OMG...You must get it! Can you imagine how fast this one would go if posted on the inventory thread??????????
  11. I just called my SA and I have it on hold until I can pick it up.
    Will post pics when I get it.
    You guys are just the greatest enablers and I love just love being here...
  12. Bagshoelover, I am already :drool: :drool: :drool:
    and you dont even have the bag yet!!!
    You must have the best karma EVER!!! to have scored such a lovely confection!!!

    Congratulation in advance and I will be dehydrated from :drool: ing until I see the pics!!!

    This is diggety dang excitinG!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. congratulations~~
    cannot wait to see the beauty~~~