Kelly Elan or Jige Elan?

  1. I am really debating between the 2....from what I understand they are about the same cost in regular leathers. Looking for something to take to nice dinners, etc.

    Those of you who own what would be the pros and cons of both? Are they about the same size? fit the same amount of stuff? Thx!
  2. Is Kelly elan the clutch that ShopMom has? Is Jige elan shaped differently than the traditional Jige then (or one of the 3/4 sizes of the Jige)?
  3. This is the Kelly Elan....I don't have the Jige but I can comment a little on the Kelly......I love it and it has plenty of room inside for compact wallet, keys, cell, some makeup, pen, hankie with room to spare. It doesn't bulge out at the sides like you see in that pic of Catherine Deneauve carrying the Elan because it's almost 2" wide at the bottom. There's a side pocket inside and a handle at the back. I never use the handle.

    I think it's an elegant bag that can be used for luncheons, dinners and semi-fancy evening events. I think if you are going to a wedding or formal affair then you might want to consider something smaller and more fancy....I think if it were me, I'd get a Kelly Elan and then have something maybe by Judith Leiber for the real schmancy events.
  4. Not sure of jige elan, here is a jige...the leather jige is a more casual clutch...

    Inside...I can fit my long AZAP wallet, a cell phone, a few cosmetics, keys, etc.
  5. The Jige elan is "shorter and longer" than the Jige. They are hard to come by an I've only seen two in th stores ( one in DC three years ago in lavender box was $2200, one in Houston two years ago in Barenia and crinoline...don't remembr the price.). A Jige elan is usually more expensive than a Jige since it is lined in leather as opposed to just being a single piece.

    I would recommend the Kelly elan before the Jige elan if the prices are comparable. If you love the style of the Jige get it as a daytime clutch....
  6. Thanks Ladies..This is VERY helpful! Shopmom, what are dimensions of our K elan? :flowers:
  7. 11" tapering to 10" at the top lengthwise x 6" tall x 1-3/4" wide.
  8. YOWZA That is lovely! How much does this run in regular leather? What leather is yours?
  9. I want to say the JIGE was around $1700...I recall it was approximately the same price as my AZAP wallet... I will see if I can locate leather specifics tomorrow...I can't recall if type of leather was specified or suggested in this case...

    It is a great casual clutch!
  10. Woooo... I :heart: the jige elan!
  11. I like it, too! Would love it in leather...or croc...
  12. Every time I see the a pic of the Kelly Elan, I love it even more! It's such a classic, simple, lovely design :yes:
  13. Both r special. If this is your 1st H clutch, get kelly elan.
  14. How much is the Kelly Elan?

    I think I'm in love ...