Kelly Double Tour vs. Rivale?

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  1. Hi ladies! I'm considering purchasing either a Kelly Double Tour bracelet or a Rivale. I love the Kelly but think the lock may stick out too much and annoy me. Any ladies out there own either one or both? How do you feel about them? And are they practical (i.e. do they catch on clothes, etc.). Also, does the Rivale come in Chocolate with GHW?
  2. How about both? I'm sure they look good together!
  3. I have the KDT and the kelly dog. The pokey thing does not catch on anything, does not knock into anything, and has never annoyed me. Note I am very particular on this type of thing. Hope that helps. :smile:
  4. I have two Kelly double tours, I absolutely love them. They never catch on anything!
  5. I love my Kelly double tour!! I have never caught it on anything.
  6. I love the Kelly Double Tour, so my vote is definitely swayed. But why don't you get both? :smile: *hehe being evil here*
  7. I say Rivale. It doubles as a fabulous choker.

    photo 21-46-29.jpg
  8. I have two KDTs and while I love them, I can be a spaz sometimes and wind up banging the "pokey thing" onto things. Then I freak out! LOL. But I still love 'em!
  9. I have both, I love both, I do bump the lock sometimes but nothing major every really happens...

    I would have to say that in some ways the rivale is a little more comfortable because both straps lay flat on top of the wrist, compared to the way the kelly crosses over itself in front, I find myself playing with the kelly a little more the keep the strap separated. HTH!
  10. I love my rivale -- super easy to wear.
  11. Thanks ladies! Such enablers:biggrin: I would love to purchase both, but I have to be good and stick with just one. I'm leaning towards the Rivale (love the picture posted by dogbiskit of the Rivale doubling as a choker). I have to show some restraint since I recently purchased a Bolide to add to my little collection;)
  12. I def like the rivale better, but the kelly DT is gorgeous too! Good luck in deciding!
  13. shoot i'm no good, they're diff. get both?