Kelly Double Tour Bracelet

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  1. Hi! I am completely new to Hermes. I own some scarves and now I would like to buy a Kelly double tour bracelet. I tried one today, it was the medium size but it was a bit tight. The SA in my local boutique wasn't sure if this bracelet comes in the large size too. Do you know if the large size exists?
    I am in Europe. Do you happen to have the email of a boutique in Europe so that I try to locate the bracelet?
    Thank you very much in advance for all your help!
  2. I just bought a large sized bracelet for my male cousin -- the NY SA told me currently the hapi is the only one available for men in large, but different SA's sometimes have different info.
  3. You can find phonenumbers to the stores att don't know if they have email addesses though.