Kelly double tour bracelet...question

  1. Hi Hèrmes lovers... I'm totally new to Hèrmes (mostly on LV section), but came across this beautifull Kelly double tour bracelet on their website and liked it very much :heart:
    Can anyone tell me if they have a matching belt as well?(made of the same leather and matching hardware)
  2. They made a Kelly belt once, but looked into buying one recently and it came to a dead end. That one you'll have to find in a resale shop or ebay, where they pop up on occasion. They still carry a double Kelly belt, which has a long overlap and two kelly closures. HTH.
  3. HG I saw one in NY in mid august, but it was too small for me....
  4. I have this belt, with the 2 Kelly closures and the overlap in rouge H was called the 'Josephine' belt. Maybe the name could help the search a little.
  5. Thank you so much for the info and giving me the name of that belt! I will visit one of the stores to see for myself.