kelly double tour bracelet-colors?

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  1. hi everyone! im new here, can't afford any h bags yet teehee! my first h is the clic clac and now im eyeing the kelly double tour bracelet...the shocking pink and raisin color!..are these colors readily available? and what are the other colors that are available/coming soon for 2009? thanks!
  2. Which country are you in as it seems some countries get these lovely colourful bracelets while others do not, I've never seen a pink or raisin double tour in the UK
  3. ^Mooks they have a shocking pink double tour with Palladium H/W in a suedey material at H in Royal Exchange!

    In the UK so far I've seen lots of white and etoupe for the new season and i believe an orange should be available too!
  4. I have this in orange but I haven't seen one in pink or raisin.
  5. thanks for your replies, unfortunately we don't have an H store here in my country...i'll be asking friends to look for it for me...

    i've seen the raisin in the reference thread...

    post #51

    and here's heidi montag w shocking pink

    while i was searching i read someone mentioned that the shocking pink will be coming back for s/s 09...i would like to know if it's true...or any other colors for that matter...
  6. I like being proved wrong....I will enquire about this, thank you!! :tup:
  7. I've only seen the rose shocking in photos. Can't wait to hear what you find out.
  8. I would love to have one in RAISIN! It didn't even occur to me! I have one in barenia that I adore. The new hasn't worn off yet...LOL! But it would be so fun in violet or raisin or rose shocking!!!
  9. there is a rose shocking double tour my sa mentioned there is when i was looking for the Kelly DB bracelets