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May 29, 2006
Due to popular demand (PM's), I am posting the large size pic of my avatar (see below) - thanks for all the compliments :shame: .....little DD was obsessed with pulling Santas beard - nearly got it off, too......LOL! We couldn't get her to look at the camera!

.....BUT my question is - does anyone know where I could find one of those "Kelly Dolls"? - they are the Kelly Bags made with little arms, legs and cute!

DH saw one in Tokyo ages ago (apparently quite expensive) - I'd love to get one for big DD......
I'll try and find a pic to show yo what the h*ll I'm talking about!


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The kelly doll bag is so adorable! Would be really cute for your DD. I remember at that time, about 5 -6 years ago, it cost about $2500. Have not seen one in years. Best bet is to check eBay. I have seen it come up once or twice. I remember jemznjewels had one for sale years ago. You may want to send her an email to see if she can locate one for you.

I used to live in Tokyo (for years) and I can check with one of the bag reseller/consignment shop so that they will contact me if they come across one. Good luck!
very cute pic (the santa one, that is...). i know what you're talking about. they occasionally show up on either ebay or some random boutiques. good luck & happy holidays!
i love that kelly too. In fact that is the only kelly i would want for now!!!!!

BTW, GF, ur babies are tooooo cute!!!! almost want to take a bite at their chubby faces!!!!!
I know - I LOVE fat babies!!

All About Bags - THANKS! If you ever do come across one, I woudl LOVE if you could give me a head's up! I have a search going on ebay, but so far, no SA said she saw one go for $7000 USD once!!!!!!
OMG!!!!!!!! And to think I get to babysit in April!!!!!

LOOK AT THOSE BEAUTIES! K, your children are so adorable.......can't wait to meet them IRL!!!!!