Kelly Doll?

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  1. Due to popular demand (PM's), I am posting the large size pic of my avatar (see below) - thanks for all the compliments :shame: .....little DD was obsessed with pulling Santas beard - nearly got it off, too......LOL! We couldn't get her to look at the camera!

    .....BUT my question is - does anyone know where I could find one of those "Kelly Dolls"? - they are the Kelly Bags made with little arms, legs and cute!

    DH saw one in Tokyo ages ago (apparently quite expensive) - I'd love to get one for big DD......
    I'll try and find a pic to show yo what the h*ll I'm talking about!

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  2. [​IMG]
  3. GF.. your girls are sooooooooo adorable, you must be a proud mummy! The little one is overwhelmed by the big white beard lol so cute!
  4. ha ha - thanks! It was SO funny, Santa was PARANOID she was going to pull the beard off!!! LOL!!
  5. GF-
    The kelly doll bag is so adorable! Would be really cute for your DD. I remember at that time, about 5 -6 years ago, it cost about $2500. Have not seen one in years. Best bet is to check eBay. I have seen it come up once or twice. I remember jemznjewels had one for sale years ago. You may want to send her an email to see if she can locate one for you.

    I used to live in Tokyo (for years) and I can check with one of the bag reseller/consignment shop so that they will contact me if they come across one. Good luck!
  6. Thanks for the pic K, now I can really see them.....they look almost "edible" they're SOOOO sweet!!!!!! CONGRATS Mum!!!
  7. She did well.. This whats making the picture so adorable GF!! She will definitely laugh about it with her fellow PFers 15yrs from now lol
  8. very cute pic (the santa one, that is...). i know what you're talking about. they occasionally show up on either ebay or some random boutiques. good luck & happy holidays!
  9. i love that kelly too. In fact that is the only kelly i would want for now!!!!!

    BTW, GF, ur babies are tooooo cute!!!! almost want to take a bite at their chubby faces!!!!!
  10. I know - I LOVE fat babies!!

    All About Bags - THANKS! If you ever do come across one, I woudl LOVE if you could give me a head's up! I have a search going on ebay, but so far, no SA said she saw one go for $7000 USD once!!!!!!
  11. OMG!!!!!!!! And to think I get to babysit in April!!!!!

    LOOK AT THOSE BEAUTIES! K, your children are so adorable.......can't wait to meet them IRL!!!!!
  12. oooh, your kids so so cute! Your older daughter is gorgeous!!
  13. Love the pic, GF!!! Your kids are so adorable. Your older girl looks like a doll!
  14. I've been keeping an eye out for one too. lol.

    You're girls are so adorable!!! I love how your little one looks completely enchanted with that beard. LOL. :lol:
  15. how cute -- and japster, that's a pretty cute avi you've got happening, too!