Kelly Dog

  1. I was searching for this. Thanks to a sweet tPF-er, I found one - rang the store to have it put on hold and off I went to pick it up.
  2. So cute :love: !!!
    Congrats MsPiggy :flowers: !!!
  3. Of course when at the store, one does not just walk in and out without browsing around first :p Plus, this was not my usual store. Spotted a pretty Kelly 25cm in Etoupe Chevre de Coromandel PHW.

    Then I saw this, sitting in the glass cabinet. I was hankering for one ever since I saw a lovely tPF-er friend wearing hers last Dec. Alas my store did not have any and I was told it is difficult to locate one. So I bought a Kelly Double Tour instead. But now, this was right in front of me. I ask to take a look and of course it went home with me!! :wlae:

    Presenting, my Kelly Dog bracelet in natural barenia palladium hardware. :love:
    KellyDog.jpg KellyDog2.jpg
  4. Some "action pics" ;) Love the white contrast stitching on the barenia.

    Pardon my week-old manicure. Time for a visit to the manicurist. :shame:
    KellyDog5.jpg KellyDog6.jpg Kellydog7.jpg
  5. Nice! You and mrss are twins!
  6. ms piggy, love it! Thanks for sharing pix!
  7. nice little goodies!
  8. Thank you fromparis, asa, mistikat, Kellybag. :flowers:

    asa I was certainly inspired by both you and mrss. Love the CDCs on you. But it's not me, so the Kelly Dog it is.
  9. ^^You could do the CDC too! But this looks great. Can't wait to see IRL.
  10. ^ Thanks! We should arrange a meet up soon. It's been a while since the last one. I want to see everyone's new purchases! ;)
  11. Love the bracelet! Looks great!
  12. Beautiful bracelet ms p. - looks gorgeous on you!
    Cute key ring too!
  13. Your Kelly dog is adorable!
    Love your bracelet too.
  14. ms piggy- love the bracelet and the key ring. enjoy them.
  15. What great purchases!

    The key ring is so cute, and the bracelet looks lovely on you :tup: