Kelly Danse

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  1. What can you girls tell me about the Kelly Danse. I know it's tiny, but thought would be good on those days when you really do not want to carry a bag.
  2. I'd say you're on the right track since a Kelly Danse is one good alternative to the Kelly Pochette IMO. Plus, you have a shoulder/backpack bag option which makes it much more versatile then a KP.
  3. The Kelly Danse is an adorable bag. I have one in Brighten Blue croc. I use it for day and going out to dinner. I can fit more in it then my Kelly pouchette.
  4. I have two in etoupe swift and one, like melliesmom, in brighton bleu croc. It's bigger enough than the KP to make it really usable...I put a few things in it to go to lunch, and I use it at evening events because the shoulder strap allows me to have two hands free. However, it seems harder to find than the Loch Ness monster.
  5. about some modeling shots, ladies?

  6. Yes, photos, please!!!
  7. photos please:smile:
  8. Ooh, I can't wait to see one too!:nuts:
  9. Yes, pics please! :tender:
  10. Yoo-hoo.. visual please. Anybody?
  11. gemini, Cute bag. :smile:
  12. I've only seen this bag used as a clutch... Would love to see how it looks with the straps on.... =)
  13. Thanks, gemini!

    This has been posted in the "Asian Women and their Birkins thread":

  14. i am in searching for this bag for ONE YEAR !!

    it is just sooo rare in australia !!!

    anyways, that is my target bag now, it is a great bag, it can be wear casually, or in some cocktail party~