Kelly Cut

  1. Anybody know the dimensions of the new Kelly Cut? :thinking:
  2. I must be living in a box......but, what is the Kelly Cut?
  3. Sorry S'Mom I forgot the pic...

    Credit - LeMonde/MaiTai
  4. Wow, that's beautiful!! Can't be of any help though, first time I see this style.
  5. WOWZA!!!!!!!! Holy Moly!!!!!! THANK YOU,, it's a skinny Kelly Longue????
  6. I think it's kind of a hybrid - Kelly Elan/Longue :s

    But I can't work out the difference between it and Elan and Longue KWIM?
  7. I need to know more about this bag!!!!
  8. More please....! looks good.
  9. Gorgeous it...
  10. Well, the Elan is a little shorter, wider and mainly it lacks the top handle -- there is however a strap on the back which you can use to hold on to -- LTC showed it on the the pics of her outstanding Gris Pale Elan. I only have a few lousy pics of mine, sorry.
    However Handy, I too am wondering how this piece is really distinct from the Kelly Longue. But I don't own the Longue and so am hoping others can chime in and just clear it up for me,:smile:.

  11. Thanks for bringing this to my attention! Did not know about this beauty!
  12. I have a Kelly Longue and I am struggling to see what the difference is too! I think this bag Might be a more rectangular shape, not as tall and longer....but apart from that....

    Cant say I think the name is too glamourous! "Cut".....
  13. I prefer the dimensions of the Kelly Longue, which is slighty shorter and taller (more proportional).
  14. It looks very nice on the model but until I see it next to a Kelly Longue and try it on, it's hard to tell which I would like better.
    Very interesting though. Wonder what this means for the Kelly Longue.
  15. Now you had to go and do that now did ya!!!:sweatdrop::sweatdrop::drool::drool::heart:
    I'm in trouble now!!