Kelly Cut vs. Kelly Pochette

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Cut or Pochette?

  1. Kelly Cut

  2. Kelly Pochette

Multiple votes are allowed.
Results are only viewable after voting.
  1. Actually, I was referring to tpfer, trama turgo. Her blog name is veryverve.

    Here are some pics from her blog with her kelly cut..casual style....
    veryverve kc.jpg veryverve2.jpg veryverve4.jpg very verve kc1.jpg
  2. Oooh! Sorry, I did a search and ilovecocohanel came up first, so assumed she was who you had in mind. Again, sorries!
  3. Kelly pochettes coz it's much cuter.
  4. I vote for KP..
  5. the photographs are rather nice - but I don't think much of the outfits. They don't really fit the lady that well nor do they enhance the design of the KC.
  6. Kelly cut gorgeous!!!
  7. Tough call, but I'm leaning towards a KC. A bit more modern and striking, methinks. :heart:

    Ladies, does anyone know how much a swift or tadeklat KC retails for now? :loveeyes:
  8. Kelly cut!
  9. Both equally wonderful but if I have to vote, it's KP...
  10. I personally like the Kelly Pochette more! :love:
  11. I love both and would definitely say that I am addicted to collecting clutches. I feel that KC is more modern and edgy; whereas the KP is more feminine and girly. Also, in my personal experience, I have found more KCs readily available than Kp. I was offered two exotic KCs in the last !0 days. KPs seem to be harder to come by, at least for me. If you are lucky enough to be offered a KP, run and get it! Good luck... Let us know what you decide! Best wishes!
  12. kelly pochette :heart:
  13. I’m having same dilemma!! I’m going in a few weeks and my SA will have both for me. I’m petite and runaround jeans girl. What do you think? And how much are they??
  14. If your SA can get you both in one visit, you are very, very lucky. I forgot how much it is already and would need to dig for the receipt.
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