Kelly Cut vs. Kelly Pochette

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Cut or Pochette?

  1. Kelly Cut

  2. Kelly Pochette

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  1. Kelly cut, ESP in shiny croc just so chic not the most practical bag but to look good!
  2. It should be about euro 10.5-11k fr Paris.
  3. thank you !
  4. I only use my KP for dressier and special occasions so I tend to have things that I don't carry everyday in it like my digital camera, car keys, lipstick, powder housekeys, tissues and a few £ notes.
  5. they are all gorgeous! How could one choose? However, if I were "forced" to make a choice, I'd go with the Cut. It's such a statement piece!
  6. yes, sounds about right.. 17.5ish USD pre-tax.
  7. Oooohh, very good idea, birkel! :tup: Thanks!!!!
  8. I got a Matte Gator Kelly Cut about a month ago. It was $18,500 USD.
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    I like the pochette because it can stand on its own on a table or chair should you set it down. It's wider on the bottom so you can put more stuff in. I think it's a lot cuter too. I would definitely get it over the cut.
  10. I posted a few photos here as I wear mine casually with jeans and I love it! There are some interior shots as well... Before I bought it I looked at both kelly cut and proper small kellys (20) The kelly cut has an exaggerated shape and would suit very tall impeccably dressed women with perfect deportment. Anything less - and one risks looking comical. The mini kelly is beautiful - but in my view - can look a little like a toy bag. It looks its best, I think, as a true evening bag. The KP on the other hand can look really nice with jeans and casual wear. I throw it in a tote if I have to take it to work with lots to carry.
  11. totally agree with this!!
  12. Thanks for the reference, ladysarah! Now I'm leaning more towards the KP! I wonder if any of the lovely ladies here have any modeling shots of their KC for comparison....

  13. Check out the blog of a tpfer...veryverve...I think is the name...she models a kelly cut
    with very casual clothes.
  14. Vote for KC
  15. Thanks cabochon! It was ilovecocohanel who posted KC with casual clothes...She looked awesome! With all these wonderful modeling shots, I'm back to my original dilemma again!!!! :panic: