Kelly Cut In Blue Sapphire (Epsom Leather.... Opinions Wanted

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  1. Hello Stylish ones! My darling SA has offered me a lovely Kelly Cut in blue sapphire. She knows how I adore clutches and blue sapphire is a divine color. I am just not so sure about epsom leather... What do you all think?? Thanks so much for sharing your opinions!:smile:
  2. My B Hac is in epsom and I love it. I'd definitely get epsom again if I want something that I want to retain its shape.
  3. Go for it!!!!
  4. Get it! Epsom is lovely
  5. Epsom takes colors beautifully! Go look and see if you like the bag! I would take it in a heart beat!
  6. I will grab it rite away
    No time to hesitate
    Its beautiful
    cant afford a cut in crocodile lol
  7. The colour in this leather is beautiful. You can't go wrong. You should definitely get it.
  8. I would grab it!
  9. I love how vivid colors look in Epsom but in my op.. epsom wears easier than lets say Togo or Clemence (especially on corners) so I would say YES but treat kindly!!
  10. I would totally get it. I have been waiting for a non-exotic Kelly Cut for a long time and all I've been offered are exotics, which are out of my price range. I heard they are hard to come by in regular leathers.
    Congratulations - please post pics if you get it!
  11. Get it!

    Just picked up a Rouge Casaque Kelly Cut GHW in epsom over the weekend. Took it out a couple times already, nor matter it's sunny or rainy days. Love it!
  12. Would you mind sharing the price?
  13. US$4900 + tax
  14. Thanks ceci!!! :tup:

    Congrats on your new KC!!
    I have the Jige in the same color in Epsom and I get tons of compliments on the color! :smile:
  15. Epsom definately has some haters. Complaints I have read about range from plastic looking/cardboard feeling leather, deep scatches can't be fixed, corner wear is excessive, doesn't "feel" soft and luxurious like some of the other leathers (Togo, Clem, Chevre), and doesn't wear well over time. These are all claims I have read here on the forum and taken this information into consideration prior to purchase... but I made the decision to purchase an Epsom B a year ago and I just bought an Evelyne 2 weeks ago. Personally, I feel epsom is perfect in certain style bags and colors. For Kelly Cut, I say go for it! No hesitation.