Kelly cut help

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  1. I need everyone's advice:
    I got offered a KC - GHW swift , in rouge grenat.
    I have other non hermes clutches and this will be my first hermes clutch.
    My concerns are:
    1) Does swift leather age well? Is it prone to scratches? I don't baby my bags and like to use them. Also I have a kid , and am concerned if this will suit my lifestyle?
    2)The other concern is the color itself: I have a Kelly in RC and have been wanting a KC in a brighter red like RC or bougainvillea or a black.
    My local store does not get the clutches very often.
    Should I just get the bag and not worry much or continue to wait for a KC in another leather/ color combo.
    What would you do??
    Thanks for your input.
  2. Hi divya,
    I saw a rouge grenat swift and it's beautiful.
    1. Swift it's a nice leather, soft and luscious IMO. It has a little shine but not too much.
    It does scratch quiet easy if you don't take care of it. Nails can scratch the leather.

    2. I think RG is a nice red, not too bright tho. So if you think you can live w/o this RG then you're not in love with it. But if you think you'll regret it a lot, then I think you should take it.

    KC is hard to get, esp in GHW , just saying

    Let me know what you decide.
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  3. Sure stunner
    Sure beautiful
    Sure combo with ghw
    Sure rarity and hot

    Lastly your nightmare

    Sure to scratch unavoidable

    4 pros against 1 odd
    Whats your bet honey

    Go for it
    Unless otherwise wait for epsom
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  4. I find swift durable, it's my least favourite for big bags, but they look great on clutches,

    I agree that RG is a beautiful red, and would look amazing with GHW,
    I have a KC , and I find it very useful, can work well for day and night,
    If its very hard to come by, do get it, price is reasonable for an hermes bag , plus it's a rarity
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  5. Thank you ladies for your reply.
    I am heading to the store today. I will update here once I return.
  6. I have quite a bit in Swift and it's a great leather even for bigger bags and it feels so beautiful. Total plus point it refurbs beautifully. The colour combo sounds stunning for a clutch.
    Good luck today!
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  7. Swift is my favorite leather. I have small and large bags in swift and do not think it scratches easily. If it does get scratched you can almost rub it away. I have 3 and 5 year old daughters who both love playing with my bags and I have not had any issues with the leather. K cut is a great clutch so if you love the color, go for it.
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  8. I have a KC and Jige in swift and love how luscious swift looks. I made a slight scratch on my Jige and it rubbed out. Go for it!
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  9. Update:
    Thank you so much for all y'alls input.
    I saw the bag in person. I loved the leather but not the color. I was very sad to give it up
    My SA was very sweet about it.
    However I left with a few goodies .
    Thanks to everyone for weighing in.
  10. Thanks for the update.
    Don't worry, if it does not sing to you then you should not buy it. I passed on KC B Saint Cyr because the color is not for me.

    Hope we will find the right KC soon :smile:)
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