Kelly Crocodile Black 28 Valuation

  1. Dear Purse Forum Members

    Please, I would appreciate your expertise on the matter of a valuation of a Vintage 1963 Black Crocodile Kelly 28cm. Please, see pics.

    I (a fairly new Purse Blog member) am in the process of buying this beautiful bag from a distant friend. However, I am unsure of it's value and how much I should offer to pay? I am fairly sure it is authentic.

    There are a few facts about this Kelly. It was bought in Paris 1963, together with two other Kellys, one bigger and one smaller, all in crocodile. The blind stamp of this bag reads 26. The lock is numbered 001 and the keys(2) are 007, due to a mix-up between the three bags.
    It is in fairly good overall condition; the croc leather is not dryed out, no cracks or tears, inside clean, no odours. There are only a few undone seams and the outside bottom corners are a little bit scuffed from wear. The handle is in good condition.

    My questions, which I would welcome your help on are:
    1. How much $ do you think I should offer?
    2. The blind stamp reads 26. Is this the maker id or workshop?
    3. I can not find the year stamp? It should be S for 1963, I think?
    4. If I decide to buy it, I plan to send it to Hermès Paris for a some TLC. This will probably add some $4-500. Any thoughts or advice on this?

    Thanks in advance and for reading all this, kindest regards, Yvonne
    IMG_2223.JPG IMG_2240.JPG IMG_2243.JPG IMG_2247.JPG IMG_2250.JPG
  2. Hi, I think it is strange there is no blindstamp... (anyone else's thoughts?) I have an item from Hermes out of 1955 and that does has a blindstamp. Also I learned but maybe that doesn't work for vintage items? that where it says Hermes Paris, it should mark what kind of leather it is made of, I have for instance two dots which means Nilo.
  3. Before 1950, they didn't necessarily have datestamps and they didn't start adding species specific stamps until the 1970's. What concerns me more is the condition of the bag. One corner is bent and it appears that the lining is separating from the skin. The latter is evident in the pic showing the interior. That may be a difficult repair to make.
  4. Hi Hermesgroupie, thank you for explaining. If I understand correctly it could be that some items as of 1950 are not blindstamped and others are? but there is always the makers stamp in it?
  5. Thanks for your kind reply. I agree, the bag needs some serious repair. I have had a repair done earlier on my Kelly from 1972 (seams interior and polishing) and it turned out very well, done by Hermes Copenhagen. So, I assumed it may be possible to fix this one, too?
    I have looked everywhere for the year blind stamp, can't find it?
    My big problem still is, how much should I offer for the bag. I have it here in my home, and it is beautiful! I have looked at eBay, and can not find many to compare with, for sale.

    Thanks, regards Yvonne
  6. Hi, thanks for your kind reply. I have not been able to find another blind stamp than 26. I have looked thoroughly everywhere, I think...
    My other Kelly bag from 1972 have a blind stamp B cirkel.
    Regards Yvonne
  7. Hi, did you decided to buy? I guess it's okay about the timestamp ?
  8. Hi
    I have not decided what to do yet? It is hard to estimate a proper price. I have not found very much to compare with. I found one similar on eBay, but in much worse condition, and the bids stopped at $ 2400, below reserve price.
    Then there is one Croc kelly 35cm at the moment, asking $11999. It looks like the previous one, which has been renovated? Same seller?
    I visited Hermès in Stockholm today and they told me they sold a Kelly Croc 35cm recently for about $22000.
    Still, I have the beautiful Kelly here, to view for a couple of more days, while I make my mind up.
  9. Hi on createursdeluxe is a vintage (30 years old) kelly for sale for 6500, it says it is in good condition. I don't know how this compares to a crocodile, maybe someone else can chip in? I think yours might be in lesser condition and also you do not use another party to sell/buy..... so if comparable the price should be lower than that.
  10. Hello
    Thanks for your input. I had not seen this one and it seems in better condition, bigger size, and with more accessories incl. Interesting! Thanks.
  11. Hi again.
    Comparing with this one, "mine" almost looks better, the leather has more shine, this one looks dull, however is a bigger size. But of course it is hard to judge from two pics only, and none of the interior? The asking price seems high €9000?
    Regards Yvonne
  12. Some leathers are matte so not so shiny, I have a croc sport kelly in matte just a little shine.

    i think the 6000 is a good comparison?
  13. would it be possible for your friend to take it to an H store and see if the corner could be repaired? i love croc kelly bags! so elegant!
  14. Hi and thanks for your reply.
    I agree, croc Kellys are very beautiful and so classic elegant. I love to keep, if I can afford?

    I have enclosed new pics of the 4 bottom corners and interiour. Please, I would appreciate your comments on these? Do you think they look very bad?
    There are also some seams undone on the edging, hence the loose lining inside.
    On some parts of the leather there is a green discolouration. I do not know what that could be? It is not mould, looks more some discolouration coming from metal?
    Unfortunately, my friend is not so interested in Kelly and wants to sell it in current condition. That's ok with me. I like the TLC part with vintage bag. It's exciting, but can become exy, though!

    Kindest regards Yvonne

    PS: I welcome all comments from other members. I need all the help I can get, thanks in advance.
    corner1.JPG corner2.JPG corner3.JPG corner4.JPG Interior.JPG