Kelly croc bag in matt finish opinions please

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  1. Please share your opinions to help with decision. Does anybody on the forum own or have seen 35cm Kelly croc bag with matt finish? Which finish look better matt or glazed ?
    Thanks a lot for your help and Happy New Year to everybody.
  2. Happy New Year to you too, wlodekd! And welcome to tPF!:welcome:

    I don't own one but would probably pick a matt finish for a 35cm Kelly in croc (then again, it would have to depend on a color as well).
  3. The Kelly I have is glazed croc in the vert foret. Next time I would love a matte in a brown or one of the reds. I think the matte is very chic and frankly less upkeep in the long run. Have to watch a glazed skin and make sure it doesn't get water spots etc. Less worries with matte :smile:
  4. Hello, Welcome to the forum wlodekd and happy new year.

    Here are the pictures of my friend's matte croc kelly vert olive 28, and rouge H in 32. I personally prefer shiny croc in a kelly. As I think kelly is elegant lady like bag, just my opinion. :smile:

    What color do you have in mind?


  5. I don't own a croc yet...But I think I would prefer glazed for Kelly (and Mat for Birkin :love:)
  6. [​IMG]

    This bag is perfection... both in colour and in size of scales. Can you convince your friend to sell you this one?? :p
  7. A shiny finish might be more dressy? Croc itself is so classic that I don't think you could go wrong with either finish.
  8. Hi! Actually I prefer glazed croc for a Kelly as I prefer rigid style. Plus glazed croc is naturally stiffer, thus enabling the bag to retain its form longer. A matte croc bag is more souple.

    Last but not least, for whatever reason, I tend to think glazed is easier to care for than matte. With glazed, it can be reglazed etc. And yes, there is the problem w/ the water spots and such. But with matte, there's no protective glaze or barrier whatsoever. Thus a wee more higher maintenance. Just my personal opinion. Please correct me if I'm wrong.
  9. I prefer the shiny croc in a smaller size kelly (25cm or the kelly pochette) but for larger kellys, I like the matte finish better. But that is just my personal preference. I generally like my kellys in gulliver and swift..

    I live a very casual lifestyle so the matte finish just works for me...
  10. I guess I'm just showing my age, but to me the matte crocs look like croc-pressed leather, not the real thing. I much prefer the shiny croc. They are SO classic. Either way, a croc bag is NOT an everyday bag, unless one has money to burn and a driver who holds an umbrella above ones head when coming and going anywhere.
  11. The Matte Is Gorgeous.......I Have To Say I'm A Total Glaze Girl!!!!
  12. It is at my house now for a long time already and I don't like it very much. It still belongs to my brother-like friend. Not mine. It's his sister's. She doesn't care about it either. Poor bag!! :p :lol:
  13. She doesn't care about it? What a pity...poor croc!

    But I have to say I do prefer a glazed finish on seems to enhance the Kelly in my opinion.

  14. What!! How is it even possible that this beautiful bag is not loved. Send it to me immediately for some love and therapy!!
  15. :lol: It's true, no one really loves her but we feel sorry for her and we'd like her to stay in the house with her friends. She's nice but she's not pretty. :lol::winkiss: Thank you for your kindness birkin123. I will try to modeling her tomorrow in my thread.