Kelly Craving...

  1. I have such a Kelly craving nowadays... After seeing you guys' beautiful purchases (HAC, Kellys and Birkins ...etc), I have a BIG Kelly craving... I really shouldn't buy another $$$ bag after croc. shoulder birkin purchase less than 2 weeks ago!!!:shocked: :yucky: :yucky: How do you guys manage (control)yourself? I am trying VERY hard to not to go to Hermes and staying away from my phone:sad: . But I want a new KELLY!!! Look at what you've done to me, shopmom!!!:P
  2. Whoa, breathe, aspenmartial... just breathe!!!! :biggrin: Think of it as delayed gratification!
  3. I'm really craving a croc Kelly myself ...
  4. oh my you crack me up you are really like me :lol:
    well my suggestion is put down a special order ans then you´ll learn to wait as you have to. works at least for me at the moment :rolleyes: (let us see how long i can hold back (un)fortunately i have a different very specific taste so nearly all kelly or birkins that are available at my store are not my liking :rant:
  5. I'm right there with you. It was just days after I bought my Birkin that I HAD to have a Kelly. It will be awhile, though! :sad:
  6. I'm fighting the craving constantly :smile: But I agree with lilach, just put it on SO, especially for an exotic skin. Then they'll be like.. oh, it'll come in a few years... etc. and you'll have to wait.
  7. I'm so sorry, Aspen! But I love my Kelly's so much I HAVE to share....
    I am also a BIG Kelly fan but for me it's not too difficult to stop for a while (although it doesn't seem like it:shocked: ) because my bank account dips to all time lows! But I always look on-line and pop into the H store whenever I need a little pick-me-up but I am pretty controlled, actually. I know what I'd like to have next and I'm prepared to wait for it and enjoy my small "H" family that I have right now. :yes:
  8. Imagine if you saw Shopmom's 2 Kellys and Fopducks Kelly in person!!! I am going Kelly crazy!!!! :wacko: I have to waituntil we move...and buy furniture...and now we need a few rugs cause the house we are getting has hardwood floors (so pretty!) it's gonna be a while. :cry: So I just console myself by hoping that by Christmas I can order something from L-Z. :biggrin:
  9. How many special orders can a person have anyway? I mean, can you still order a different Birkin or Kelly if you have one on special order? My concern will be (not that I qualify for it anyway) what if I put in a special order for something and there's no news? Then does that mean I will never be able to order anything else for as long as there's no news on the special order? And if the special order is accepted but takes like 10 years, does that mean during this time I cannot get on the list for a normal order?
  10. kou, I really don't think that they will stop you from ordering something else, even though your previous order hasn't come in yet. I think, as long as you have a good relationship with your SA and manager, everytime the manager goes to Paris, you can ask he/she if you can SO something. Now of course she has to decide if she can do that based on her quota, but if it works out then you should be able to order more.
  11. I really honestly have not done very well controlling myself!! I've gotten a lot in a short order -- and pretty much have to be done -- I do want another ostrich something but that has to wait - there's no more money lol!! I hope to enjoy some smaller items...the only other option is to sell something to purchase more....
  12. right! i have three (maybe 4)orders pending and already told him what to order next year. no problem at all.
    and how many you can order simply depends on your status at hermès (sad but true)it can go from none up to 20 :shocked: and how you and the manager get along :flowers:
    oh and abot the ordering more that stops once you denied three ordered bags in a row - blacklisted
  13. i have a huge kelly craving as well!! it's very hard to resist but i'm trying to save up for some other things so it's not in my future any time soon! hopefully one day i'll get one!!
  14. I kept thinking IF only I hadn't spent money on all the other things, I could've gotten myself another bag or even half an ostrich Trim right about now.:Push:
  15. Lilach and Whispa, thank you so much for the info. Btw, when the managers put in orders (special and normal), do they submit the customers' names along into it? I mean if not then how in the world do they keep track of who is getting what when the bag comes in?