kelly clutch!

  1. ok, i have huge dilemma i wanted a kelly clutch in black but my SA just called and said she has a kelly clutch in blue jean :nuts:!!!! should i go for it or hold out for a black?!?!!? the black would be more practical...not sure if i could match much with the blue jean???
  2. Definately hold out for the one you really want.
  3. Does anyone know how much a lizard jpg Kelly goes for these days?
  4. Yes I agree, definetly hold out for what you really want. And BJ is a totally different story by the way.
  5. Didn't someone here recently get one for around $5K? (lizard)
  6. i love the idea of a clutch in a funky colour!!! my vote is bj but you should go for what you truly need in your wardrobe.
  7. I would say go for BJ. The clutch is not a big bag, so it looks best in color... or exotics with a sheen... I have seen the black clutch and it looks a bit nondescript IMHO
  8. Lizard JPG: $5050 recently.
  9. Swift is about $3300
  10. Thank you guys for the info.
  11. I guess it would depend on when you would use your clutch. If you use it for parties, dinners, etc., black may be easier to match rather than BJ.
  12. true...thank you ladies! i just hope that my SA doesn't get mad at me for not buying the bj :s she's the first SA to actually be willing to show me bags...since i look so young most SAs don't even acknowledge me when i go in.
  13. I am not sure...I saw the BJ clutch at SCP...I think I would hold for black in this case...