Kelly Clutch - Price?

  1. Can anyone give me a rough estimate on a Kelly JPG Longue Clutch in boxcalf? :shrugs:
  2. not sure about box leather, but the blue jean swift i remember is around USD 3000.
  3. Thanks BB!!
  4. About $5k.
  5. It was $4750 before tax when bought it. It was over $5000 with tax!
  6. Thanks, Girls! Wow, It's only $1000 less than a Kelly 28!
  7. I saw one in box even before the price increase for $5600 before tax.
  8. Mine is black box calf - I bought it a month ago in Hong Kong and is about USD3,038. Saw another one but in brown (don't know the exact name of colour) in evergrain with same price.
  9. I'm so surprised the prices vary so much.
  10. me too..i didn't know price in HK is much cheaper...
    i want a JPG clutch as well...
  11. K, do you mean the JPG Kelly clutch ie. the smaller one like VB's or the Kelly Longue like mine which is longer and flatter?
  12. The Kelly longue JPG clutch - the one with the handle on the top, the Kelly closure, but the longer version, S.
  13. I bought my black box JPG Kelly Longue (brand new) from a topnotch reseller about 4 months ago and I paid $3885. I happened to get a deal - I've seen it in the stores for much more.

    I really do love the bag - carried it at a wedding this weekend and it was perfect.
  14. This one, Suuuuiieeeee.......
  15. funny - that's the exact one I'm after - what h/w have you?