Kelly Clarkson's cute LV heart necklace

  1. This is from her shoot for next month's Elle...

    I've never seen this before!
    kelly1.jpg kelly2.jpg
  2. so cute! I want it! Anyone knows how much this is? Thanks for posting!
  3. large £4200
    small £ 2590

    I believe it opens up like a locket super cute!!
  4. Very cute! I would really like one!
  5. Cute but really pricey.
  6. that much?
    wow I am a bit sick lol
    it is gorgeous tough
  7. WHoa that's a lot of money! But it's pretty nonetheless, I just can't afford it haha.
  8. So Cute!
  9. wow.....that is alot of money, buts its so adorable!! thanks for posting!
  10. ooh, that's so cute!
  11. ooh! it looks really cute on her!
  12. wow!! but it is super cute :p
  13. Cute...
  14. thats hot....but id rather have multiple bags hehe
  15. Super cute, I saw both large and small IRL, they are really really sparkly since it's made with white gold and diamonds.