Kelly Caviar Silver HW is HERE!!

  1. Well the week long wait was beyond painful. But she is here and EVERYTHING I thought she would be. Perfect size for me. I took it out immediately today! LOL I highly recommend this bag.

    Here is a picture of my 12 year old holding it, she is 5' 2":



    LOVES IT!!!!!!! :yahoo: :heart: :yahoo:
  2. congrats, selena!

    what a great bag!!! i love it. i've been dreaming of a hermes kelly recently and i love the chanel one in caviar!
  3. Oh wow Selena! Beautiful!:love:
  4. selena your kelly is just TDF!!!!!!!!! I really love your bag and your daughter looks great with it lol!!! Congrats!!!!!!!!!!
  5. LOL I should post a picture of it in the "12 year old wearing CHanel thread" LOL

    Thanks guys! I am thrilled with it. I am for sure going to get this in another color one day soon! :smile:
  6. hahahaha, Selena I was thinking about that when I wrote what I did...maybe that would lighten the mood? lol....anyway congrats again its a great bag!!
  7. gorgeous!!! i love this bag. congrats!

    what other color you thinking of getting?
  8. :yahoo:WHOOO HOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:yahoo:

    It's so gorgeous Selena! I am so happy for you!!! Congratulations!
  9. Not sure!!! I have to investigate and see whats available. A deep red would be hot. The shape and size of this is just perfect. It holds alot too. Just as much as my JUMBO flap!
  10. Thanks Sweetie! I am dying to see yours!!!! I am just ask excited for you to get yours on Friday as I was to get mine! How sick is that! LOL
  11. Very NICE!!! Congratulations.:yahoo:
  12. Congrats!!!! It's gorgeous! :yahoo:
  13. Gorgeous bag!!! Congrats Selena. =)
  14. I didn't know jag got one too! Congrats jag! I don't visit this subforum enough I guess.

    Red would be pretty...or a grey.

    Something to put on my list.
  15. :drool: I love it! Congrats!