Kelly - Caviar or Lambskin?

  1. Hi everyone!

    So I am receiving my Kelly in black w/silver hardware this Friday! The SA told me I have a choice of lamb or caviar and now... am confused! Help pls!
  2. Since the Kelly is such a structured formal looking bag, I prefer the caviar in it to maintain its shape and leather.
  3. I also prefer the caviar :yes:
  4. I would go for caviar leather ;)

    Lambskin leather takes a lot of care, and the Kelly is such a classic bag that you will probably want to use it everyday
  5. For the kelly, I think I'd go with caviar! Congrats!
  6. I love it in Lambskin :nuts: :heart:
  7. Thanks for all your feedback girls! I think I will go with the caviar leather :smile:

  8. definitely caviar...oops a bit late...
  9. Tough question...If you plan to use it a great deal maybe your should go with the caviar.
    The lambskin is devine and you would never regret it. Maybe that would be my choice for you is you planned to use it only for certain occasions.

    Please post is gorgeous!!!
  10. Cavier to me.
  11. I own this bag in the Caviar. While the lambskin is more beautiful to LOOK at, its not practical for me. The Caviar stands up well, and you dont have to baby it. :smile: Post pictures when you get it!! Its a great bag!
  12. OK, I'm the oddball but I pick Lambskin :p I love mine!

    What size/shape did you get???
  13. Lambskin is so luxuriously soft! but I wouldn't get it because it scratches too easily.
  14. I would get caviar becos it brings a more sturdy structure to the bag.
  15. I vote caviar!!