Kelly Caleche Scarf - Need Advice on Framing

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  1. I got the Kelly Calèche 70 cm scarf today. I got it to frame for my office and I couldn't take it to the framer without your input!

    Do you have any advice regarding the color of the frame, etc?

    Here's a picture of the scarf pulled from

    Thanks for your suggestions!

  2. Kallie Girl, Beautiful scarf! :smile: Congrats.
    I tend to like the darker wood tones. Unless, you'd like to go
    for a metal frame--I'm a white metal girl all the way. So depending
    on your pref. for white or yellow metals...I would go for a metal
    frame. :smile:
  3. I bought this scarf in the black colorway with gold
    The silk is different to the normal silks ( see rose blog)

    I have some scarves framed and its v important to find out how they are going to do it.

    I guess it depends on your personal taste and what else is in the room

    Myself I would go for an ash/walnut frame and I have my scarfs stich tacked onto the mount no glue

    Hope to see photos of the after result

    good luck
  4. OMG. I've been to busy to post lately but I come out to show WHAT a dork I am. Kay here goes.

    Go to a frame shop. You could do this yourself, but if you want it done without wasting money and doing damage to the scarf, I'd take it in. You'll need to tell the framer that you want "archival quality" framing, which will be completely acid free backing and/or matting, and relevant adhesives, and probably UV blocking glass (still clear, usually) to keep sunlight from bleaching out your colour which will happen quicker than a print, since it's silk. Some museums even dim the lights in rooms with precious prints and silks!

    Make sure your framer is CLEAR that you do not want it glued or otherwise pinned, unless you don't care. Ask them to explain what they would do; consider a "dry-mount". After all that, make sure they are clear you consider this scarf original art work and it can not be replaced, it's one of a kind.

    After that, good luck! Places like Michaels Craft Store (the big chain) often do 50% off promos that really help $$-wise. A specialty shoppe is always nice, but talk to them about promos or that could get pricey.

    Hope I didn't overwhelm... good luck! It's gorgeous!
  5. Hmm, "dry-mount"... where's Grands Fonds?:roflmfao:

    Great info Angel!
  6. Thanks for the info! I will be taking it to a top-notch framing shop at an art gallery that has won awards for its framing. I haven't checked with them yet to see if they have done scarves before. Knowing not to allow glue is very helpful.
  7. What a beautiful scarf, congratulations! I would frame it in dark brown wood.
  8. Mounting and framing scarves done properly can be kept for a lifetime. Just be sure everything is done to preserve the item. Also the price for an experienced framer is not inexpensive. This is not a Hermes Scarf but I thought you could get an idea of frames etc. My Louis Vuitton Groom that hangs in my office. I have a wall already picked out for that special Hermes Scarf. I just have to find one.

    Kallie I would love to see yours when its done. :heart:

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  9. amamxr, that's stunning! :smile:
  10. Wow, that's so gorgeous!!! I don't mind paying whatever amount.... I am picky about just about everything ... including framing!:P

    I'll be sure to post pics when it's finished! We're moving our offices to a new building, so I can't wait to see this in my new office!!
  11. Last night I was playing around with it in my photo program and I put a brown frame on it via the computer and I did like the way it looked. I hope I can find the "right" brown frame.
  12. I love that scarf :tender: :girlsigh:

    I'd recommend mahogany or cherry wood frames :smile: They are dark and lovely and cherry has similar tones to the scarf.
  13. Here's the pic of my recently framed "Bibliotheque" pochette. The framer recommended not to use a glass cover to avoid reflection, and I think he was right (only to be advised if there is no smoking in the room).

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  14. Oh, that looks great! The framer I'm going to uses something called Denglas, an “invisible” glass that eliminates glare.

    I'm very lucky in my town to find a Master Certified Picture Framer... one of only 37 in the world who attained this designation, so I'm hoping it'll turn out OK. <crosses fingers>
  15. Well, I took the scarf to the framer today. It is going to be an expensive piece of artwork when it's all done. The framing alone turned out to be almost $675. I wasn't planning to spend so much on this and sort of have that sick feeling in my stomach.... KWIM? With the scarf included it puts the price close to $1,000. I could buy a silk/cashmere shawl (that I'm dying for) for less than that!

    The company that makes Denglas (that I mentioned above) is out of business. So I had the choice of clear glass that is UV protective, non-glare glass or museum quality glass. She showed me a photo framed partly in each of the choices. The regular looked like a mirror, the non-glare looked sort of frosted and the museum non-glare quality, of course, was perfect! That alone raised the cost almost $200. Yikes!

    The framer said she will actually stitch the scarf to a matting. I had pictured that I would do it framed up to the edge of the scarf and not show the edges. She said I should show the edges so it will be obvious that it is scarf rather than just a piece of cloth.

    The frame is sort of gilded with some pink in it and it will have a brown inner frame.

    It'll take 3 weeks to complete. I really look forward to it. It is just a much bigger "deal" than I was expecting. But hopefully it'll look good.